What’s Next

Sixty Something Now is a huge network of people who have reached an age which used to be thought of as beyond the point of looking forward to very much except enjoying the golden years.  Hard to believe that back in the eighties we were the thirty something people and felt we had the world by the tail.

This network of people is still thinking like that!  We are looking forward to what’s next.  What can we create to feel vibrant and excited to wake up every day and work on.  The old paradigm has changed.  We are capable of so much more now.  Think about it.  We have so much experience in life.  Lots of people have worked many years doing different things that did not excite them, but which they felt was necessary to provide a standard of living for their families and themselves.

Now things are different.  Lots of us are in a different place, both financially, emotionally and so many other ways, than we could have predicted.  Many people, if there was a nest egg created, have seen it diminish to so much less than what was anticipated over the years.

The Sixty Something Now Community is here to let people 60+ know that we can communicate and learn what is out there for us.  Who is doing what?  What are people creating that we all should know about?  How are they creating new things and bringing ideas to life?

It’s so exciting to be doing this now and I welcome you to join us on this journey. In the past few years, I’ve felt that we need to put something together for people in our demographic and psychographic (fancy terms for people like me) to allow us all to express ourselves and what we are currently doing to enjoy life.  Or maybe what we need to do to create something new in our lives. What can we do for ourselves now that will allow us to look forward to the next number of years and decades?  My personal intention is to continue to learn new information and to create and flourish.  I believe there are others who believe the same way.

My vision is to get people over age 60 reignited about life.  Change your mindset and start thinking about what is new for you, what can you experience next, how can you do it.  My philosophy is–The Best is Now! Actually, I believe my philosophy has always been this.