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Have You Ever Done A Vision Board?

Have you ever done a vision board?  Perhaps the question really is…Do you know what a vision board is?

Following is a YouTube video with a few slides showing the concepts that this person thinks are important to incorporate in his vision board to bring them into his life down the road.

How about you… What is on your vision board?  Perhaps you want more information about how to do this.  There is a website at the end of this couple minute video that will give you information about putting together a vision board.

I hope you enjoyed this video about vision boards.

Let me hear from you about any way I can be helpful to you.

Six Phases of Success in Obtaining Your Dreams

At a recent event I attended, one of the speakers presented on this topic.  This might be thought of as an odd thing for me to write to our demographic.  Some think dreams are only for the young.  But my belief is that we all need to continue with our dreams.  This will keep us in the game of life for a long time.

Here are the six phases he described and I have annotated a bit.

1.  The Dream:  Be a kid again.  Dream big.  Proclaim your dreams and goals.  Perhaps create a vision board so your unconscious can see what you are dreaming and help it manifest.

2.  Decision Phase:  Decide what you will do to get started making the dream a reality.  You will need to internalize this phase and actually make the commitment to what you want deep in your heart of hearts.  If you have ever experienced that, you know there is a huge difference in commitment vs. interest.  Deciding is knowing at a core level.

3.  Delay Phase:  Dreams don’t come true as fast as you would like.  There is a delay between dreaming the dream and the reality of it.  You must keep your thought of the dream in your mind and continue. 

4.  Difficult Phase:  This is where you can waffle in and out of believing it will happen.  But you must keep your thought of the dream in your mind and continue. 

5.  Dead End Phase:  This is when you feel your dream is impossible.  Some people quit.  But you must keep your thought of the dream in your mind and continue.

6.  Deliverance Phase:  It will happen for you, because you kept your thought of the dream in your mind and continued.

What are your dreams?  Are you still even dreaming?  I would suggest you do and would love to hear of your success stories.

How Do You Feel About Yourself?

This is a direct question, but I have lots of meandering thoughts about why I chose to ask this.  In preparing to create this post and wanting to focus on success after sixty on Tuesdays, I googled successful people after sixty.

What I found was disturbing to me.  It was an article from a psychological publication about a study that showed that in general people’s self-esteem drops after sixty.  I’m not going to discuss much about this as I like to focus on the positive aspects of being over sixty.  Not only that but I will not buy into that kind of thinking.  It doesn’t serve us!

There are so many people now in our demographic whose lives have drastically changed because of the economy of the past few years.  This can create a fearful or negative mindset, but this is not going to help anyone.  There are so many things to be done and ways to help you change how you are thinking.  This is key to your self-esteem.

You may be saying that I don’t know your situation and that if you have a situation you believe is bad, how could you think otherwise about it.  And I would challenge you to decide to change your thinking, because to feel and think negatively is going to make things worse.

One suggestion I have is to create a vision board of how you would like to see your future.  We can create change in our life and it’s not hocus-pocus.  In another post, I’ll describe in more detail what exactly a vision board is and how to create one, but for now… the basics.  A piece of core board, pictures from magazines and catalogs of how you would like to live your life from here on out.

This works and as I mentioned I’ll write more about it in another post.

Have you ever created a vision board?  What has happened as a result?