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Total Access, Total Freedom

LegalShield is the company I’ve been affiliated with for over eight years.  We now have this new name and a brand new look.

Why am I posting this here?  Because this is something everyone should at least know about.  Some of you may want to know more.  Feel free to contact me through this site.

LegalShield is changing the paradigm of how legal services are provided.  Instead of paying by the hour, it’s a low flat, monthly fee.

Within the past few years, the Internet became a flat monthly fee.  Think of all the things that has allowed us to do online.  Now we have social media, we do our banking online, we read blogs…  So many things, whereas before, when it as paid for by the hour or by usage, we didn’t use it as much.

That’s how LegalShield works.  By paying a small, flat monthly rate, it has allowed us to use attorneys for things we never would have thought of before.  Mundane things, like getting a question answered about any issue.  Someone owes you money and won’t pay; you wonder about loan modification; you want to learn about getting a patent; you want to know what your rights are about consumer issues.

From the traumatic to the trivial.  Anything!  Flat rate, you can call often and the meter is not running!

This gives all Americans a chance to live worry-free, every day, every night, now and forever.

Check out our new look.

This is LegalShield. A unique service, a priceless benefit.

Want to know more?  Feel free to contact me through this site.