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Get Up One More Time

“Get up one more time…”  A number of years ago, I read these words as a quote from Paul Harvey.  More about Paul Harvey in a future post, but for now, the impact of this phrase.

This phrase is made up of some fairly mundane words, but the impact is huge.  Think about it in terms of giving someone encouragement to continue with a project, a goal, a dream or a mission of theirs.  Are you not getting the impact?

Well, here is the rest of the story… I mean line… The entire line is “Get up one more time than you fall down”.  Now you can understand the impact this entire phrase could have on someone who is ready to quit. 

Perhaps you know of someone who has just had a setback of some type and they don’t see how they can continue on.   It could be as simple as a project they want to do.  It could be the seriousness of a health issue they are battling with.  It could be a dream they are working to achieve.  Who do you know that you could help with this phrase?

The reason this made an impact on me is that there was a time that I was having a bad day or maybe a series of days, for whatever the reason.  At the time I was in a workplace setting and someone had a glass jar on his desk with small pieces of brightly colored papers in it.  On each small paper was a quote.  I’m not sure they were all Paul Harvey quotes, probably not.  But on this day as I was expressing whatever it was, he invited me to reach in a pull one out. 

That actually has stayed with me for many years, and it was probably about sixteen or seventeen years ago that this took place.  We all resonate with different words and phrases, but perhaps you know someone who may need to hear this and will thank you the way I thanked the person I received it from.