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The Present

The concepts in this post are from The Slight Edge (Revised Edition) by Jeff Olson.  However I’m reminded of the book by this name, The Present, by Spencer Johnson, since the concepts of living in the moment/in the present, are the same.

In referring to our life’s path and the choice of two curves on which to travel, success or failure, the concept of living in the present comes into play.  We are on a constant journey, and because of the Slight Edge Principle, we are either moving along in a positive or negative way.

Most people live with a lot of focus on their past.  Usually the negative parts of their past.  But even if it is the positive aspects, it doesn’t serve us well to dwell there.

And lots of time may be spent on thinking about being happy or successful in the future, but only if certain things occur.  We sometimes ignore the present!  Actually the present is where we are NOW and all we have RIGHT NOW!

Sure we want to review our past, to determine what we need to do now.  We need to take responsibility for our errors in judgement and determine how to do things differently now and in the future.

As far as the future, now in the present we need to plan a crystal clear picture of how we want that future to look.  It’s a plan to move us in the direction we want to go, and we are living every present moment we have ‘working’ that plan.  This is the Slight Edge at work to move us along on the success path.  When we have a clear picture of what we are moving toward, it helps a lot during those times of friction we encounter in our present along the way.

Last thought:  We can’t change our past.  We can create our future the way we want it.  Ahhh!!!  Better we should be influenced by something we can change than something we can’t.

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