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Technical Challenges–Life’s Little Glitches

Technical challenges are a part of life!  Well, today’s post, part of which I’ve reproduced here as kind of a test, has had a technical challenge.

If you are seeing this on Facebook, the video will play.  If you are receiving this blog in a ‘reader’ and receiving it as an email, the video may not play.

This became apparent to me a few minutes ago.  I personally receive my blog each day in Google Reader, an option on the site, and I receive it in an email.  Rarely do I click onto it to check it out, since I double check everything before I post it.  Ironically I did click it today in my email and learned that the video would not play through Google Reader.  A message indicating it was a ‘Sony Entertainment video and I should check it out in YouTube’ appeared.

There are numerous videos in YouTube with this poem and the one I chose was to the theme of Forest Gump, which apparently is a Sony Entertainment picture.  So, for those who can’t see it in their reader in their email, check it out on my Facebook wall.  Or perhaps it showed up on your Facebook wall.

Enjoy!  And thank you Sony Entertainment!