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Do You Participate in Black Friday?

Black Friday has become so insane, I recently heard of a store (one of the big box chain stores) opening at 3AM today with their deals.  Can you imagine?  I used to wonder who goes to these sales at these ridiculous hours?  Over the years I’ve met people who have and do.

Well, I’m all about getting a good price and even getting it on sale, but 3AM???  Not even 5AM would entice me.

But I guess everyone has their thing.  Maybe it’s the thrill of the deal, so it can be talked about and envied by others.

Perhaps I’m being too harsh.  Perhaps I just don’t know what motivates someone to get up, (or for the 3AM gig, not go to bed) and be at the glass door, nose pressed, waiting for the magic moment.

But for what?  The ensuing rush to whatever department caught your attention in the ads?  I just don’t get it!

I wonder if the stores end up reaping more profits because the people who are up for these deals, perhaps will spend more than they might have in a normal Holiday season.

Perhaps when people go Holiday shopping throughout the few weeks before, at a normal Holiday pace, and not the frenetic pace of Black Friday, people might be more in control of their budget for the Holidays.  Hmmm!!!

The other day on the radio, I actually heard a ‘money-talk guy’ giving some pointers to the listeners about how not to get caught up in the craze of the season.  It sounded like good sound advice, but in the thrill of the rush of Holiday shopping on Black Friday, I believe it will take a large amount of self-control to follow his advice.

How about you?  Do you participate in Black Friday?  What are some good deals you have gotten?  Was it worth the hassle?  Let us know.