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Success: Richard St. John (TED)

Richard St. John interviewed over 500 people in seven years to learn what creates success.  In this remarkable TED talk, he boils it down to just over 3 minutes.  Now that’s amazing!

Recently I came across this video by Richard St. John, when I was searching for a success-related topic/person to highlight.  I believe I have used it in the past and decided to use it again, because of it’s simplicity.  By way of disclosure, there is one off-color word towards the end of his presentation that I wish were not used.  I feel the rest of the content is worth sharing, so please excuse…

TED conferences have been ongoing for many years, although I’ve only become aware of them since around 2009.  This video is from a conference in 2005.

Why do you think people succeed?  And how would you define success?  Let us hear from you.