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Curious About Mars?

Curiosity has landed on Mars.  I’m sure by now you’ve heard the news.

Fascinating times, when now we can learn what Mars is really like and if it can sustain life.  Stay tuned…

This is a short ABC News video and story from August 6, 2012 about the landing the the spacecraft named Curiosity.

Wednesday is the day we talk about the Internet, social media and technology.  I think it is because of advances scientists and others have made in these areas, that this could happen.

Let us know what your thoughts are about it.

Mars on Google Earth: This is Incredible!

Check out this couple minute tutorial about viewing Mars through Google Earth.  Fascinating!  This is only a mini ‘commercial’ compared to checking it out for yourself at Google Earth.

Google Earth is one of my favorite sites.  Three years later I still marvel at being able to plan and map out our trip to Italy in the fall of 2007, by way of Google Earth.  And now it’s so much more advanced!

How have you used Google Earth?