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Lucy–Always Good For A Laugh

For all those who loved Lucy, thought I’d post this again.  Enjoy!

Best Motivation Video Ever? What Do You Think?

This is titled the Best Motivation Video Ever.  I’d seen this before and just found it on YouTube.   Wanted to share it with you, as it is rather astounding and thought provoking.  Pass this along to someone you know who may be inspired by it at a time they can use the inspiration…  Perhaps a young person in your life.

Do you agree that this is the best motivation video ever?  What do you think?

Were You a Lucy Fan?

Recently I saw this I Love Lucy episode on a friend’s Facebook page and decided it’s about time I put it up here.  So here it is:

This is such a classic and I still laughed like it was the first time I’d seen it…  No, probably the first time I saw it I laughed even harder.  They were so funny together!

What wonderful comic memories we all have of the fifties’ comedy shows.  Is there anything like that now?  Lucy was considered a situation comedy but probably before they used that term.  Is there a sitcom today that would compare to that?  I don’t watch any of them, but seeing bits and pieces of previews, I doubt it.

What episode of Lucy was your favorite (I guess I’m assuming everybody watched I Love Lucy…)?