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Olympic Gold–American Pride

Many are watching the Olympics.  What have your favorites been?

Here is the US Gymnastics Team.

Here is a short video of Kayla Harrison, after her gold medal for Judo.

Wouldn’t you agree that it is amazing the drive these young people must have to achieve at these levels!

London 2012 Summer Olympics

Yes, the London 2012 Summer Olympics!  It’s finally here.  Did you view the Opening Ceremonies?  Is this something you watch every four years?

What part of the Olympics do you enjoy the most?  Some people have a particular sport that they just can’t miss.  If that is you, here is the official site with all the facts.

There is so much you can find online about The London 2012 Summer Olypmics.  Here is the NBC site for everything you need to know about their viewing schedule for us here in the states.

Personally, we occasionally watch an event and usually more of a ‘let’s see what’s on’ kind of happen to catch an event.

Let us know about your preferences about the Olympics events.  Are you a spectator at all?  Favorite events?