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Life and Stuff

Recently I’ve been thinking about some stuff.  You know, just life stuff.  Like things that happen that can throw us off a bit.

How do you handle those times.  Times when you have been going along (minding your own business… love that old expression) and then ZAP!  Out of the blue, it seems, things take a 180 degree turn.

Yikes!  What’s that about?

Isn’t it amazing how that happens!  Why does it happen?  Well, who knows?  As the business philosopher Jim Rohn would say…  ‘Don’t take that class!’

More importantly, is how do you handle those times?  What can you draw on within that allows you to get through it?  Wouldn’t you agree that we all need something, some way to deal with those times?

For me, I believe we are served best by reading good material that can give us insight on life and aspects of it.  How to deal with the negative things that come up.  How to get through it and beyond it.  We need to understand that there is an ebb and flow of life…  Good times and bad.  Remember that it will turn around and get better.

Recently I read a post from a Facebook ‘friend’ and he mentioned an analogy of the bad road conditions in some part of the Detroit area he had driven through earlier that day.  He said that if you don’t go through the bad conditions you won’t appreciate the good ones.  Pretty profound!  Great analogy!  Thanks Terry Bean.

What about you?  Have you been through any bad conditions lately?  Maybe during those times, remember the good conditions and appreciate them when they return.

Hmmm!!!  Any power outages lately?  How long after you were restored did your gratitude last for having it back?

Best Motivation Video Ever? What Do You Think?

This is titled the Best Motivation Video Ever.  I’d seen this before and just found it on YouTube.   Wanted to share it with you, as it is rather astounding and thought provoking.  Pass this along to someone you know who may be inspired by it at a time they can use the inspiration…  Perhaps a young person in your life.

Do you agree that this is the best motivation video ever?  What do you think?