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Do You Journal?

Do you journal?  Have you even considered it if you are not currently doing it?

Recently I came across this blog for the first time.  You may find this site interesting.  While I was scrolling through various blog posts, I came across one that referred to The Ten Year Journal.

The concept of this journal is that you write five lines each day of the year and then repeat it every year for ten years.

The ‘official’ Ten Year Journal is available from Amazon.  I’ve provided the link to the current journal that starts with 2012 at $39.  It appears there are journals available that start in previous years and cost less.

Personally, I have not done this.  It is something I’ve considered.  I have dabbled in it every so often over the past fifteen years or so.

We’d love to hear from you and your thoughts about this.  Have you been doing this?  Have you considered it at all.  Will you now, with the knowledge that there is a journal that could make it somewhat easy?

Actually, I would think that if you had a journal all set up with specific dates and the few lines to fill in each day, it would be pretty simple to do.

Anyone going to take the plunge and commit to doing it?  I guess the main thought would have to be, ‘Just for today, I will write my five lines‘.  And before you know it, years will have passed!

Let us know.