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Worry Less And Live More…

LegalShieldWorry Less and Live More.  This is the new branding for the company I’ve been with for the past nine years.  The company is over 40 years old not 60.  However, many people over 60 have great success with this company.  It’s a great company to represent and a much needed service that we offer.

This is a short promo of the three television commercials that have recently been introduced into four test markets–Charlotte, Denver, Phoenix, and San Diego.  Bill boards in Phoenix and Charlotte.  Exciting times for us.  The company has never advertised before…forty years of word of mouth.  Things were good, now we believe they will go to GREAT!

If you know of anyone who is curious about what we do and what we offer, let me know.

What’s That???

LegalShield, that’s what!!!

So often in the past I have posted videos of commercials because I think they’re cute.

Here I am posting videos of LegalShield commercials, the company I represent, because I think they could help someone… Well, lots of people.

Most people don’t know about this company/service yet.  Here are the first three commercials set to launch in a month or so on national television.  Soon everyone will be aware of something that can help with lots of the stuff we all deal with.

Take a look.


Scrap Book…

Pizza Guy…

Questions?  Comments?  Let me know.

How Do You Deal With Your Garbage?

As I was checking You Tube for some amusing videos and happened to land on the page with lots of commercials, I decided to post this, as it is meaningful to me.

As an Independent Associate with LegalShield, (formerly Pre-Paid Legal), our company has hired a firm to brand us and create a real marketing and advertising campaign.  The company has been around for forty years and never advertised.  Most people had not heard of it, however the research has shown that lots of people would want the service if they knew it was available.

This short video has been out about a month or so and can be found in numerous places on the Internet.

Thought you might find it amusing as well as indicative of the mundane, trivial (at least in the big picture of life) issues our attorneys handle at no charge outside of the nominal monthly cost of having this service.  This is one of the ways our service gives us peace of mind about anything that comes our way in life.

What are you dealing with?  Is it trivial or traumatic?  LegalShield can help.  Let me know.

Total Access, Total Freedom

LegalShield is the company I’ve been affiliated with for over eight years.  We now have this new name and a brand new look.

Why am I posting this here?  Because this is something everyone should at least know about.  Some of you may want to know more.  Feel free to contact me through this site.

LegalShield is changing the paradigm of how legal services are provided.  Instead of paying by the hour, it’s a low flat, monthly fee.

Within the past few years, the Internet became a flat monthly fee.  Think of all the things that has allowed us to do online.  Now we have social media, we do our banking online, we read blogs…  So many things, whereas before, when it as paid for by the hour or by usage, we didn’t use it as much.

That’s how LegalShield works.  By paying a small, flat monthly rate, it has allowed us to use attorneys for things we never would have thought of before.  Mundane things, like getting a question answered about any issue.  Someone owes you money and won’t pay; you wonder about loan modification; you want to learn about getting a patent; you want to know what your rights are about consumer issues.

From the traumatic to the trivial.  Anything!  Flat rate, you can call often and the meter is not running!

This gives all Americans a chance to live worry-free, every day, every night, now and forever.

Check out our new look.

This is LegalShield. A unique service, a priceless benefit.

Want to know more?  Feel free to contact me through this site.