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Know What’s Right, Do What’s Right

Recently I Googled the phrase above and came upon this website/blog which actually had this as a title:  Know What’s Right, Do What’s Right…

This blog is from Andy Blumenthal.  You can read the entire blog post here.

This is a phrase that we’ve heard and used many times in the past few years.  It just seems so logical.

Perhaps the question for some is how do you know what’s right?

Actually Mr. Blumenthal specifies some things here that are worth pointing out.

To drive our moral courage he feels we have three powerful resources:

1.  Conscience:  our moral inner voice

2.  Discernment:  getting past fear and our own self-interests to the higher right

3.  Discerning Advisers:  we seek advice of the person whose integrity we respect the most

Haven’t we all worked with leaders whom we’ve respected greatly for all of these values?  And then again, haven’t we all worked with leaders for whom we have had little or no respect because they seem to be quite self-serving.

What are your thoughts here?  Would love to hear from you.