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Knee Replacement?

Have you had a knee or both knees replaced?  Are you a candidate for this surgery?

Recently a good friend of ours had both of her knees replaced.  Yes both at the same time!  She’s now almost two weeks beyond the surgery and as she puts it, it’s all down hill from here.  She had a bout with the meds given to her during post op recovery that lasted a few days, but thankfully she has returned to her normal self and looking great.

Here is a very brief animated view of what they do to replace the knee.  Pretty basic look here…

It’s fascinating to me that all of these things can be done to us.  How wonderful that these things are available to extend the quality of our lives.

Personally, and thankfully, I am not a candidate for this.  Last year my husband had a hip replaced and we were really thankful for the amazing technology with that.  He’s doing so well and actually had a quick recovery time.  Perhaps his swimming five days a week starting six weeks after the surgery, helped him.

We are so fortunate to be alive at this time to be able to take advantage of great technology that can improve or allow us to continue a good quality of life.  The concept of living a long life is great, as long as the quality is there with it.

How about you…  Any replacement parts yet?  Let us hear from you and how it went.