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Just Do It

Below is an inspirational video I found recently.  The pictures are magnificent and the messages are great.  Thought you might enjoy it.


Why is it that we get to be who we are?  How do we get so lucky to have been given the gift of our life and not the life of this person, or that person whom we may know or whom we may encounter along the way?  Have you ever encountered that person or those people who make you realize how great it is to be you?

Recently I’ve had some thoughts about this.  I realize many people this age are thinking about various aspects of their life.  I have decided to think about me as a person with lots of potential left and lots of living left to do.

There is so much to learn, experience, live and enjoy!  We have to just go for it!  Nike created a great slogan a while back… Just do it!  Maybe we need to create a slogan for ourselves.

Getting back to being who we are and all of that…  Recently I have seen groups of people who seem so totally different than how I am.  These people seem so disconnected with their lives.  They seem to be just being and getting by and living day-by-day with no thought of planning for a bigger life through setting a higher goal for themselves.

It makes me realize that not everyone is thinking like I think.  Not everyone is excited about what the potential is for their future.  Not everyone even can think of their future, because they see their present as so awful.

So, how are you thinking right now?  How are you thinking of your present circumstances and projecting to your future?  How has that served you?

Recently I heard someone talking about, how does someone learn to run fast?  The answer, just run fast?  Maybe we need to just do it!  Just go for it!

We’d love to hear from you about these thoughts.


Recently I was having a conversation with a woman I had met and in our conversation she mentioned she has omitted the word just from her vocabulary.

This was mentioned in the context of a wonderful conversation we were having about a number of subjects, and she picked up on one particular statement I made with just in it… Actually, it was about this website and blog.  She was asking me about Sixty Something Now and I said “Well, right now, it’s just a blog, but eventually it will be more than that.

She pointed out that she became aware a while back that when we use the word just in our sentence, we diminish the importance of what we are talking about.  The exact way she worded it made total sense to me and she also said that if we listen to people’s conversations, we will notice that women will use this word more than men.  Hmmm!  Interesting.

So, what do you think?  Is this a word you use without realizing how often you say it.  And think about what it means when you use it in a sentence… “Oh, it’s just an old scarf that I’ve had for years”… “I just don’t know why he doesn’t get it”…  Just do it!

You may or may not agree and that’s up to you, but perhaps now you will be aware of how often you say it and think about it’s meaning in the context of what you have said.