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Joys Of Aging

Are there any joys of aging?  My feeling is that we all better decide that there are.  So much of how we age is our mindset and our decision about how we want to age.  I believe that trumps our genes!

We all know that time marches on and everyone gets older or is no longer alive… if you know what I mean.  We need to get a grip on idea of getting older, because I believe most of us are hoping to avoid the alternative as long as possible.

I was thinking recently of The Slight Edge by my friend Jeff Olson, and the concepts in it about the slight edge decisions we all make all through our life.  We make decisions to do the daily disciplines that will create a great life for a long time or we make errors in judgement that will create many challenges in our older years.

I’m thinking of things like food choices, choices of skin care regimens we practice, decisions about exercise.  These are all things that affect our physical condition and appearance.

You may or may not agree but I believe our mindset is the key to many of the decisions we make.  How do we want to live our life?  How do we want to look?  How do we want to feel?

What are your thoughts on these concepts?  Would love to hear from you about it?