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Golfers’ Aid

Have you ever used any golf aids on the practice tee?

After looking through some You Tube videos of golf commercials, I came across this one.  I can hardly believe it.  It’s obviously a take-off on the Nike Golf commercial of 1999 with Tiger Woods, in which my son, Jon Levy, played a significant role.

I laughed all the way through and then realized it’s a commercial for ‘shotsavers.com’ , which by the way, I couldn’t find when I checked.

FYI… Here is the original Nike commercial, which I have posted here before, but thought it was comical how they used the same concept for the one above.

Tiger’s Shadow

In May of 1999 when my son Jonathan was newly out of college, he stumbled upon the opportunity to be Tiger’s ‘shadow’ in this Nike Golf commercial.  A while back I came across the one minute video of the original commercial and posted it in this blog.  He’s the one in the striped shirt.

Recently, thinking about the upcoming warm weather (will it really ever happen in Michigan?) I was checking out YouTube videos for golf and came across this shortened version, now thirty seconds.

Ironically, at the recent Bayhill PGA event this year, Jonathan had the opportunity of being one of the reporters (he’s now with GolfChannel.com) to stick the mike in front of Tiger to answer a question after his round.  Fascinating how their paths have crossed over the years.

Jon and Tiger

Recently I was having a conversation  with friends and something made me remember the commercial my son made with Tiger Woods, for Nike Golf.  It was first aired during the US Open in 1999.

Well, the wonders of the Internet.  I was checking YouTube for something for today.  I went from the singing doctors to golf bloopers.  Then I decided to check to see if this commercial is on YouTube.  And here it is:

My son is the one in the large stripe shirt right behind Tiger.  That was a very big day in his life as you might imagine.  It was made in early May 1999.  Jonathan was there for twelve hours and Tiger was there for about half that time.  That is the day that Tiger also made the commercial where he uses the club to hit the golf ball like a baseball hit.

The events surrounding this were magical.  The interesting way he got the audition, the day itself and then about six months later being flown down to Orlando to do a photo shoot for a print spread for the Nike clothing line the following spring.  I can hardly believe it was over ten years ago now.  Time sure flies.

Just a digression here.  A proud Mom moment!