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Dr. Tom Hill, Successful After Sixty

The following is a re-post of a blog I wrote at the end of February.  If you didn’t see it then, you can enjoy it now.  Dr. Tom Hill definitely embodies someone who is successful after sixty.

At a recent event someone mentioned the name of a man whose book I had read last fall.   Dr. Tom Hill, along with personal friends of mine– John and Elizabeth Gardner, wrote Living at the Summit.  It’s an intriguing book and worth the read.  It’s written like a suspense novel with personal development concepts thrown in.

When I bought the book in the fall, I didn’t know anything about Dr. Tom Hill.  Since then I have learned that he is quite accomplished as a business coach and is a real linchpin today to many entrepreneurs.  The piece I find intriguing about him is that he’s had numerous careers and is in his mid 70’s.

To me this is exciting and gives me more reason to move forward with Sixty Something Now.  There are lots of people who are extremely productive after the age of sixty and that is the purpose and mission of this website and blog.  If we know there are others out there doing great work and making a difference, perhaps that will motivate us to continue with our idea.

You can visit his website by clicking:  Dr. Tom Hill

Who do you know over the age of sixty who is a linchpin?