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What Is Personal Development?

So, what exactly is personal development?  I’ve been intrigued with persoonal development concepts for many years.  Perhaps you have too, but have never had a clear definition of it.

Following is not necessarily a clear definition of personal development, but a pretty good idea of the various aspects and benefits to you to develop yourself to accept success.

These are some of the people associated with personal development, most of whom will probably be familiar to you.  Enjoy this…

Jim Rohn: Four Questions

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know how I enjoy the writings on the philosophy of Jim Rohn.  This video is taken when he was presenting at a live event somewhere.  By the way, even though the time on this video indicates five minutes, the video itself runs about 3 1/2 minutes.

Even though this is about ten years ago, the message of his writings and videos are timeless.  A regret that I have is never having seen Jim Rohn in person.  He passed away last December 2009 and is terribly missed.  However his work lives on and I have a link to his ongoing website on the lower right side of this blog page and my website.

If you are familiar with Jim Rohn, what are your thoughts about his work?

Enterprise is Better than Ease

Enterprise Is Better Than Ease by Jim Rohn

If we are involved in a project, how hard should we work at it?  How much time should we put in?

Our philosophy about activity and our attitude about hard work will affect the quality of our lives. What we decide about the rightful ratio of labor to rest will establish a certain work ethic. That work ethic—our attitude about the amount of labor we are willing to commit to future fortune—will determine how substantial or how meager that fortune turns out to be.

Enterprise is always better than ease. Every time we choose to do less than we could, this error in judgment has an effect on our self-confidence. Repeated every day, we soon find ourselves not only doing less than we should, but also being less than we could. The accumulative effect of this error in judgment can be devastating.

Fortunately, it is easy to reverse the process!

Any day we choose, we can develop a new discipline of doing rather than neglecting. Every time we choose action over ease or labor over rest, we develop an increasing level of self-worth, self-respect and self-confidence. In the final analysis, it is how we feel about ourselves that provides the greatest reward from any activity. It is not what we get that makes us valuable, it is what we become in the process of doing that brings value into our lives. It is activity that converts human dreams into human reality, and that conversion from idea into actuality gives us a personal value that can come from no other source.

So feel free to not only engage in enterprise, but also to enjoy it to its fullest along with all the benefits that are soon to come!

To Your Success,

Jim Rohn

Jim Rohn was such a treasure with his wise thoughts and his special ways of expressing them.  Recently I received this in an email from a colleague and I thought you would enjoy it.

Are You A Life-Long Learner?

The first time I heard the phrase, life-long learner, was when my (now) husband used it a number of years ago to describe himself.  Ah! So that’s what it is called.  I believe this is what I am.  I’ve always loved reading books that can help me learn something relevant to my life.

Years ago, I read a lot of self-help books.  Today the term that seems to fit better is personal development.  I believe I’ve become a better person due to some of the books I’ve read.  There are so many authors that have been my mentors, although they don’t know it:  Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hanson, Napoleon Hill, Bob Proctor, Jim Rohn, Paul J. Meyer, Jeff Olson, Ken Blanchard, John Assaraf, and lots more.  Some of these people have written more from a business perspective, although to me it’s all good.

In the fall 2009, I learned about Gary Vaynerchuk and Crush It!  He wrote that book for me.  At least it felt that way.  It’s all about following your passion and creating a business from it.  Outstanding!

Recently I’ve been reading Seth Godin.  His daily blog is great, and his books just speak to me.  The most recent book, Linchpin, tells us to be indispensible, not ordinary.  Phenominal reading.  At least for me right now, since I believe that just the right book will always present itself to me when I need it most.

In the past few months, I’ve discovered Chip Heath and Dan Heath, brothers who wrote Made to Stick (How to get your ideas to stick in someone’s mind) a couple of years ago, and recently have come out with Switch, (How to change when change is hard).  Great insight about change and how to get people to do it.

Exciting to me to start a new book and see how it unfolds and what I can learn from it.

What do you read?  How do you continue your learning process?

Inspiring Quotes by Jim Rohn

Jim Rohn was a mentor to many people around the world and to many people I personally know.  He passed away in early December 2009.  If you’d like to learn a little more about him and the contributions he made to so many people’s lives, you can read my December post about him.  Jim Rohn had the most amazing way of saying so much with just a few powerful words.  Hope you enjoy some of his quotes below.

Sometimes you can’t make it on your own.
Combine your knowledge.
None of us is smarter than all of us.

Welcome greatness.
It lives all around you.

Choose to–
Believe the best about others.
Be enthusiastic.
Put people up not down.
Develop the ability to find the ability in others.  It’s priceless.

Help others to be liked.
Help others to be right.

Help others be comfortable.
Help others be winners.

Get your ego out of the way.
Replace I with We.
Inspire someone to be the best they can be.

Think like a person of action.
Act like a person of thought.
Have no regrets.

Commit yourself to something bigger than yourself.
Act as if what you do makes a difference.  It does!
Go for it!
Start an epidemic of enthusiasm.

Throw your heart over the bar, and your body will follow.
Don’t waste time waiting for inspiration… Begin and inspiration will find you.

For additional information about Jim Rohn and his materials, click the box on the lower right of my blog page.

Where Are You In Life?

Where are you in your life?  Is it where you want to be?  Is it where you thought you’d be at this point?

Have you ever wondered where all the time went?  How have all these days, weeks, months and years gone so quickly.  Recently I was remembering a business scenario from last year.  It seemed like it was a month or two ago, but then I realized it was last August.  How have nine months gone by when it doesn’t seem possible?

Are you still creating goals and benchmarks for what you want to do and where you want to go and what you want to become?  Hopefully you are.  Even if you have everything you want and need, I believe it is healthy for us to continue to strive to create more and grow more.

On a CD series I have from Bob Proctor, I heard him describe this concept relative to how an oak tree continues to grow.  “Does an oak tree decide that it’s grown enough?”

To continue in life and be productive is the most important thing.  How many of us have watched people we know who seem to just stop striving?  And what happens next?  They seem to stop thriving.

On a CD series I have heard by Jim Rohn, he said, “Just do it all, attend all the events that you can, talk to all the friends you can, go to all the places you can and keep becoming the person you can.”

I think there’s something to these nuggets of advice from two of the most prolific personal development authors I’ve known of.  Too bad Jim Rohn passed away last year, but what gems he left as his legacy.  If you want to know more about Jim Rohn, there is a direct link to his website on the lower right of this page.

Baby Steps

I’m really now sure when it happened, but over the years I have sought out books that would help me with certain challenges I might be dealing with in my life.  I feel fortunate to have been exposed, not too late in life, to authors like Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Brian Tracey, Bob Proctor, Napoleon Hill, Wallace Wattles, and more recently Jim Rohn and Jeff Olson.

There is so much wisdom in the many books written by these guys and so many others I’ve read, too numerous to mention.  These books are written about how to live a fulfilling life and deal with the everyday challenges that arise.  These authors have written books about the possibilities for having a great life.

Most concepts written by these authors though, involve quantum leaps to being successful relatively quickly, by just doing what they say to do.  There’s only one problem, and that is that most people don’t see themselves creating massive changes in their life and and having massive success quickly, and therefore become disillusioned about things.

Jeff Olson has written a book called The Slight Edge.  At a business event recently where Jeff Olson was speaking, he mentioned that he specifically wrote this because of his awareness that success doesn’t come overnight.  There’s work to be done before success is achieved.  He reminded us of the Malcolm Gladwell concept in Outliers, of working on something for 10,000 hours before you achieve the success you’re looking for.

Jeff’s slight edge concept is similar to the concept of baby-steps.  To achieve success, it takes the small things, done over time, compounded geometrically.  And one day, after doing all of those little mundane steps and working for 10,000 hours… Ahhh!  SUCCESS!

What are some of your favorite books and authors?

Forging Your Character

The following passage is from Jim Rohn’s book as referenced below.  I thought this was perfect for Thursday’s personal development blog.

Personal success is built on the foundation of character, and character is the result of hundreds and hundreds of choices you may make that gradually turn who you are at any given moment into who you want to be. If that decision-making process is not present, you’ll still be somebody—you’ll still be alive—but you may have a personality rather than a character, and to me that’s something very different.

Character isn’t something you were born with and can’t change, like your fingerprints. It’s something you must take responsibility for forming. You build character by how you respond to what happens in your life, whether it’s winning every game, losing every game, getting rich or dealing with hard times.

You build character from certain qualities that you must create and diligently nurture within yourself, just like you would plant and water a seed or gather wood to build a campfire. You’ve got to look for those things in your heart and in your gut. You’ve got to chisel away in order to find them, just like chiseling away rock to create the sculpture that previously existed only in the imagination.

But the really amazing thing about character is that, if you’re sincerely committed to making yourself into the person you want to be, you’ll not only create those qualities, you’ll strengthen them and re-create them in abundance, even as you’re drawing on them every day of your life. That’s why building your character is vital to becoming all you can be.

The article above is excerpted from Jim Rohn’s influential book, Leading an Inspired Life In the book, Jim outlines the foundational philosophies that anyone can learn to achieve success in both business and in life.  For more information about Jim Rohn and his materials, click the button Interesting Information, on the lower right of this page.

Is It Easy?

“Don’t wish it were easier, wish you were better”, Jim Rohn.

What a great concept!  What do you wish were easier right now?  What are you doing that you need to get better at?  How can you do that?

Sometimes it seems that things are just not working out the way we think they should.  I’ve read and heard so much lately about people who have had challenges in their lives and came out on the other side and realized that they are better for having gone through the challenge.

What is your self-talk about any situation?  Are you encouraging yourself the way you would encourage a good friend or family member in a bad situation?

We all experience events in our lives that we can label as good or bad.  But those words are relative.  What is good?  What is bad?  It depends on how we think about situations that happen to us.  We get to decide how we will feel about those things.  One way to help us decide how to react to a situation is to read or listen to information about success and how others have succeeded in dealing with their situations.

So we just need to get better.  We need to get better at handling our life events.  Get better at dealing with the stuff that comes up.  If you think about it, not much of what we experience in life is easy, but we can get better at handling it.  It’s all in the way we decide to think about it.

How do you handle the things that happen to you?  How do you get better at it?

Lessons on Life by Jim Rohn

This was too good not to share.  The wisdom Jim Rohn had for everyone and the way he shared it were truly amazing.  I hope you enjoy this.  Feel free to share it with someone else you know who may benefit from it even if they are not in our demographic.

Jim Rohn’s Lessons on Life

Do you get the feeling that you are getting this information too late in your life to matter?  I hope not.  Perhaps you are getting it at just the right time to make a huge difference in your life and the life of someone you know as well.