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Happiness Now

Recently I read an article that started me thinking about what some people may be experiencing.  The article was written by Craig Nathanson, who calls himself The Vocational Coach, and it was about what happened to his father in the first few years after retiring from his banking position.

It appears that no one close to this man knew how depressed he was about not having his job to fulfill him any longer.  Out of the blue, Robert Nathanson ended his life.  Actually, when I read the succinct story, it was still a bit of a shock at the end.

But what I started thinking was about how many people, if they are retired from a job that they held for many years, or even a series of jobs, no longer feel fulfilled in their life.  This would be too bad and I haven’t really thought too much along those lines before.  Having been what I call a 1099 and not a W-2 for most of my recent and current working years, I can’t imagine what that would feel like.

Actually, here at Sixty Something Now, my concept is that today there are so many opportunities to start something new.  There is so much out there to help if someone wants to figure out what’s next.  For me, I am looking at taking this to another level, to allow people to learn about new opportunities and think about new possibilities of creating something wonderful for the next part of their life.

I’d love to hear from you about what you would like to see here and how we can communicate with you about it.  What do you want to make you happy?  How can you find happiness now?