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It’s All Relative

This was written in the early days of Sixty Something Now.  As I read it just now, I still find it rather humorous.  Well, maybe it’s just my humor.  What do you think?


Sometimes I wonder why these amusing thoughts pop into my head.  Recently I was thinking of what I would write for a blog post, and something occurred to me.  When I’m in a conversation and it may involve my Mother, for instance, I explain… She’s no longer older.  She is old.  I am older.

My Mother turned 97 years old in November 2009.  I don’t feel it is insulting in any way to say she is old.  So where does that leave someone in my age demographic.  Well I would say that people would refer to us as older.

The amusing part of this that struck me earlier is that when we do comparisons using a word like old, to describe other things, it’s kind of the opposite.  Old used this way to compare something like a date on a loaf of bread, means it is not as old as older, meaning that the older bread is more stale or moldy than the old bread.  You know… old, older, oldest.

Now this is not earth-shattering stuff, but just a little thought I had.  Thought it may bring a chuckle to your day.  Any thoughts you’d like to share?  Feel free to comment.


Oh, on a side bar note, my Mother will be turning 100 years old in November.  Wow!  That is OLD!  My Mother would definitely agree.