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Pure Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids, Michigan is the subject of this Pure Michigan commercial.  Again, thought you might want to get an idea of what Grand Rapids has to offer.

Grand Rapids is truly an amazing city on the west side of the state.  It has been thriving and growing all the way through the past few years when the rest of Michigan seemed to be under water.

Quite a town!

Miss American Pie…

Recently I heard about this You Tube video and knew I needed to post it here.  This was created because of some bad press that Grand Rapids, Michigan received a few years ago, which angered the producer of this piece.

Actually, as I was listening to this interview I was surprised that someone would criticize Grand Rapids about anything in light of the fact that there has been so much good going on there.

This video is a bit long, but if you are from Michigan, you will probably be curious enough to view it until the end.

Even before I saw this video I knew I was going to think it is great.  Grand Rapids is a great city and has had so much going on.  There seems to be a great spirit there and lots of things to be proud of.

That’s why I was surprised about hearing anything to the contrary.

What do you think about Grand Rapids and it’s challenges and potential?