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Inspire Others

Another segment of the interview with Erik Michielsen of Capture Your Flag and Simon Sinek, author of Start With Why, and what a fundamental concept.  How to inspire others to do what inspires them?

It sounds so logical, and so right on.  Are you one who inspires others to do what inspires them?

Let us know of your experiences with this.  You know, perhaps a family member, a friend, a spouse.  Would love to hear about your story.

What Inspires You?

How to Inspire Others to be Happier and More optimistic–Simon Sinek, by Capture Your Flag.

Recently I became aware of Simon Sinek.  He’s the author of Start With Why.  That is on my must-read list and will soon be ordered.

Simon Sinek was interviewed by Erik Michielsen and there are a number of pieces of the interview on YouTube, of which this is part.

Simon Sinek has a great presence and common sense message, one I believe it is easy to understand.

Check out this short part of the interview below.

I’d be interested to hear what you think of Simon Sinek.  What inspires you?

Why Is Your Past Relevant Now?

Simon Sinek is the author of Start With Why.  In this video below, he talks about why your past is relevant to what you do now.

Simon Sinek is certainly no where near sixty years of age, but he is speaking of success principals here, and I believe that what he has to say is very relevant to all of us, of any age.

I hope you enjoy learning more about him as I have.

This video is from an interview with Erik Michielsen of Capture Your Flag.  Check out this blog on Thursday to see more of Simon Sinek.