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Coach’s Success After Sixty

Well… Tuesday is the day for ‘Success After Sixty’… I believe Jim Harkema fits that description…(Yes, if the name is familiar ‘sounding’ it’s because he is my husband.

Jim Harkema has had much success as a head football coach at the college/university level.  The last ten years of his career were at the Division I level, where he coached at Eastern Michigan University from the early 80’s to the early 90’s, taking the team to the division championship and California Bowl win in 1987.

He’s been inducted into 4 football halls of fame…  Two as player:  Owosso High School (Wall of Fame, inducted January 2009) and Kalamazoo College for his success on the team as Captain of the Football Team, which went on to championship status in 1962… An unbroken record in the college, still, today.

Jim has been inducted into the Hall of Fame at Grand Valley State University, where he was Head Football Coach from the early 70’s to the early 80’s and had an impressive record.  In the late 1990’s Jim was inducted into the Eastern Michigan University Hall of Fame for his success on the field as Head Football Coach in that program.

O.K., Obviously Jim achieved these honors  mostly before he was sixty.  However, there have been many accolades Jim has achieved since then.

Check this out… You may find it very helpful and be happy to have it at your disposal, if you need some ‘coaching’ about the football calls…  Enjoy!

Much of his success after 60 has been with LegalShield (aka Pre-Paid Legal), being a leader in the state of Michigan and in other ways in LegalShield in our area.

By the way, if you knew nothing about football and wanted to learn, would you find this helpful?

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