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A Detroit Success

Diana Lewis has been a local network news staple since the middle 70s.  When I moved to Detroit in 1981, I watched Diana Lewis on the 11:00 news on Channel 7, our ABC station.  (Those were the days that I still watched local news.)  She was also on in the early evening.  She was the face of news broadcasting in Detroit.

A few years back Diana Lewis introduced her daughter Glenda Lewis, who got a position on Channel 7 as well.  Not to replace her Mother, Glenda had the weekend gig.  Two totally professional images of Detroit.

Recently Diana Lewis announced that she is stepping down in October.  Until I heard an interview, I didn’t know that she is 69 years old.  Wow!  What a great role-model for women.

Here is an article from the Detroit News about the announcement.

Remember the Rocky movies?  Diana Lewis appeared in the original Rocky, portraying a reporter using her own name.  Interesting.  According to the article she did some other non-news reporting things as well.

What a great success of a career Diana Lewis has had.  According to what she says, she’s only leaving the front of the camera.  She will still be active with charity work and other meaningful activities around town.