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Talent at Any Age

Have you seen Paul yet?  He’s no where near 60 something, but thought this was a great message about always continuing to follow your dream and have the self-confidence to show what you can do.

I’ve seen this video numerous times over the past few years and each time it sends chills just appreciating the talent this guy has had bottled up for so long and finally at a point when he lets it out!

So what talen do you have that’s under the surface that should be let out for all to see and experience?

Amazing Talent

Because it is the weekend, I like to post about lighter stuff.  A few years ago, I was shown this video and it touches the soul in so many ways.

Here was an ordinary English chap working a mundane job while harboring an amazing talent for opera singing.  I believe in the final event, he won it all.  No wonder!

How many of us are just ordinary folks but something inside us is extra-ordinary.  What is that for you.  We can’t all be opera singers and my guess is that we don’t all want to be.  But what is your talent?  What is your special strength or gift, that if you practiced and worked on, you could produce something that could possibly make a difference in your life or the life of someone else?

Think about the amazing talent you have.  We all have a gift in some area.  Some of us may have stifled it way back, thinking we could never do anything with it or maybe it didn’t matter, we aren’t good enough.

Hopefully, at some point you will come to realize that it does matter and it matters a lot.  We all need to release our talents as you never know who you may impact.  In the few years since Paul Potts has made a name for himself, I know he has impacted lives.  In doing some research online over the past few days, Paul Potts was responsible for raising money for Haiti relief through a website.  How could he have done that stuck in the cell phone store where he used to sell cell phones all day?

Enjoy this video but before you start you might want to get a tissue or two.