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Betty White…Still A Hit

Betty White is still a hit and recently I came across her new show on NBC.  Off Their Rockers is an interesting and somewhat humorous take on Candid Camera.  This show has a number of seniors, (actors) who pull pranks on younger people.

Have you seen this show yet.  I believe it’s on at 8:00PM E.T. Wednesday evenings.  What is your take on this?

Too slapstick, goofy, absurd?  Or just plain funny?

Betty White

On Saturday May 8th, 88 year old Betty White hosted Saturday Night Live.  Wow!  What a trooper she is.  I didn’t see the show, but it had record viewership.

Actually, I hadn’t thought of writing about this until Wednesday the 12th when I heard that it happened because of a Facebook campaign started by a young man.  Talk about viral marketing!  There were over 500,000 requests from Facebook fans to get her a hosting gig on the show.  Ahhh!!!  The power of the Internet and social media.

While I was doing a little research about this whole thing, I came across a number of news pieces from NBC stations, which had video.  I also came across some YouTube videos of the actual show.  Well, through whatever technology they have access to, I could not even view the videos of the show itself and the news pieces from NBC stations prior to the show, were not able to be used here.

So, if you want to see an amazing 88 year old woman, doing amazing things, google Betty White and you will see a lot of things to give you a good idea of how she did.  Talk about success after sixty!  What a great role model.