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Sales and Sales People

Typically, when most people think of a sales person, it is probably in terms of an experience they have had with one, and usually not a good one.  That is if they are not in the field of sales.

Having been in sales for about twenty years or so, I have seen the method of making a sale evolve into something very palatable for both parties to the process.  Well, at least it should be that way.

Today, as a sales person, my job is first of all to bring value, then to educate about the value I have to offer, and then to bring you to a point of decision.  At no time, did you read anything about overcoming objections.  That’s because that was the old paradigm of the sales process.  When you bring a person to a point of decision, you are simply asking for a yes or a no.  If you are sensing that the person still needs information to make her decision, then you can provide the information.

The one thing every sales person knows, either consciously or unconsciously, is that the further from the sales person’s presentation the buyer gets, the less likely he will buy.  That is what can bring out the worst behavior in a sales person.  With that thought, the sales person must decide in the process whether the buyer is wanting to say no but can’t, or really needs more help with buying or not buying.  Again, the goal should be to bring the person to a point of a yes or no.

Having been on the buying end of the sales process, I can appreciate how annoying it is to tell a sales person a definite NO and have them think they need to throw out some of their persuasive techniques.  Although there are some people who still operate like that, most sales professionals do not.  Not only is acting as a sales professional a better way to do business, but I sometimes wonder if that other type of sales person appreciates having those tactics used on them.

Do you like to be sold?  Or do you like to be educated about something and then make a decision whether to buy?  Let me know your thoughts.