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The Power of Your Thoughts

Recently I read an email article from John Assaraf, one of my favorite mentors about life.  He started out the article with a quote from Albert Einstein:  “Imagination is everything.  it is the preview of life’s coming attractions.”

John Assaraf is all about the concepts of quantum physics and how our brain works to create what we have.  Fascinating that he starts his article with this quote from Einstein.  Many well-known people, expert in various fields, have for many years proclaimed that our thoughts create our reality.

What Assaraf mentions in this article is that the challenge is that most of us focus on what we don’t want and therefore keep it alive and then wonder why it keeps showing up over and over again.

He cautions us to think and speak about what we do want, in every facet of our lives, including our business.  ‘Your thoughts not only matter, they create matter’.

He ends the article with a statement we’ve all heard and probably used at one time or other:  ‘I’ll believe it when I see it!’  His contention is that the reality is that:  ‘You’ll see it when you believe it!’

What are your beliefs about the power of our thoughts?  What have you experienced in your life?