Who has done philanthropic work they would like to share with the rest of us?  Who is looking to find some satisfying philanthropic work to get involved in?

We all are aware of so many charities that are always happy to have people volunteer to help out.  What charitable organizations do you know of who need and want people to step up.

There are many people in this demographic that I’ve spoken to who are ready to take some time to ‘give back’ and are probably open to learning about what’s out there.  Have you recently retired and are now ready to take some time for yourself and also time to do something for others?  Who’s been downsized and even though it may not have been perfect timing, you are without a ‘job’?  Perhaps you have time to contribute to something.

Let us know what and who you know either as a charity looking for people/volunteers; or as people looking for a charity they could embrace and enjoy volunteering for.