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Bland Or Bumps?

Doesn’t it seem like some days life is so easy.  Everything seems to work in your favor.  Your internal feelings are at equilibrium.  And you actually feel an inner joy with everything working out.  Ahhh…  Life is good all around.

Then there are the other days or moments, that you just wonder ‘What’s this about?’.  How can everything be so wrong?  And usually so unexpected.

Sometimes when things are not going so well for me, at least not how I think they should be going, I forget to remember that this is a good thing.  I would like to say I always remember, but I don’t.  It usually takes a bit of wound-licking.

Really, if we don’t have the bumps in the road, how can we appreciate when things are going smoothly?  Wouldn’t it be a bit boring if we lived in a bland world?

Actually, some combination of the two is pretty good for me, as long as I have more bland (aka–joy) in my life, than bumps.

So what about you?  Would you agree that your life is composed of bland and bumps?  We’d like to know.   Also how do you deal with the bumps?



Integrity:  Adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty.  This is according to website.

Do you live your life with integrity?  Would you say that others believe you live your life with integrity?

We certainly can’t control what anyone else thinks, so it doesn’t make sense to care about it.

Have you ever heard someone talk about themselves as though they have great integrity, and you get the distinct feeling that perhaps they don’t understand the real essence of the word.

Would you agree that one part of integrity is doing what you said you were going to do?  You know like keeping your word.  Following through.  Someone covers for you in some way and you indicate you will reciprocate in a certain time frame.  You do not.  No reason given. You just don’t.

Are you out of integrity?  I believe so.  Will this create a lack of trust in the future?  Of course.

How do you feel about the word integrity?  Does it describe you?  Do you strive to live with integrity?


Wheat Belly

Wheat Belly, by William Davis, MD,  is the name of a book I am currently reading.

The information is rather startling.  You may have guessed by the title that this doctor’s theory is that it is the wheat in our diet that gives us belly fat, not some of the other culprits usually associated with this phenomenon.

This book is about 230 pages of text and then a number of pages containing recipes and some information for navigating through the grocery store.

You might imagine that within 230 pages, there’s more to say than just that ‘wheat contains gluten and this is something that causes belly fat’.  In fact there are some startling claims made by Dr. Davis and he backs up everyone of them with scientific information and studies.

The main concept that he covers early in the book is that our wheat has been grossly, genetically modified in the past 25 years.  Those processes are the root cause of many health problems in all demographics.

To get the reader’s attention, he starts by suggesting we think about pictures of our ancestors.  Any obese people?  Probably not.

Coincidentally, around the time that this new wheat was being grown, we were being told to ‘eat whole grains–bread, pasta;  eat less meat, less fat and concentrate on whole grains‘.  Remember when that started?

If you go online and find a list of foods and their glycemic index, you will see whole grain bread higher than some of the things that we’ve been told to stay away from.  Just know that a high glycemic index is not a good thing.

Astounding!  I’m not too far into this book, but wanted to share this information in case you aren’t aware of it and would like to get it as well.

What are your thoughts on this information?  Is this something that concerns you?

Planet Earth HD

This video, Planet Earth HD from The Secret, is breath-taking.  It will take you about three minutes to view it, and there are some phenomenal views of unique animals and birds and amazing places from all over the world.

While we were in Hawaii recently, we took a helicopter ride, which included going over Molakai, a largely uninhabited island across from Maui.  On one side of the island the pilot flew us past a number of water falls cascading over the 1000 foot drop, or so it seemed.  It may have been higher.  Eventually we came to an area that was indented and was carved out surrounded by what I’d describe at a huge mass of land about 1000 feet high and circling about 270 degrees, leaving an opening to allow the helicopter to enter this space.  Ahead of us was a magnificent huge water fall, cascading ahead of us.  Magnificent.  Yes, it took my breath away, since I was sitting in the front of this helicopter!

Some of the shots in this video remind me of that helicopter ride around Molakai and Maui.  Breath-taking views.

It’s A Law!

The Law of Attraction has been the subject of many discussions, books, movies and interviews over the past number of years.  It became intensified around 2006 or so when The Secret, a movie and book by Rhonda Byrne came out.

Today I attended a networking event where the guest speaker explained this to the attendees.  It reminded me that I haven’t consciously thought about these things in quite a while.  I know it works.  It’s a law, just like the law of gravity is a law.  Whether we understand it or not, believe it or not, it is what it is.

Here is a video about it with beautiful pictures, phrases and music.  Perhaps you would benefit from viewing this for a few minutes.

How has the law of attraction worked for or against you?

Yes, it certainly can work against us if we allow it to.  Be careful what you think and say!

What Do You Do?

What do you do when someone in a conversation or group setting, says or does something that offends you?  How do you feel about it?  How do you react?  Does it ruin your mood?  How long do you let it bother you?

Recently a friend and I were talking about these things and she gave me an interesting perspective on this.  She said that she has learned to remain in control and not allow this type of behavior by someone else, to change the way she’s feeling.  She stays in control of her emotions.  She has learned to stay in charge of her life and determine what will influence it.

It was fascinating to hear her describe that she truly is at peace knowing that she is in control of her thoughts and emotions.  In speaking with her, I learned that this way of thinking goes way beyond the mere act of ‘talking to yourself to help you get through a bad situation‘.  It means knowing you are in charge of what you allow to affect you.

My friend has come through a significant experience that was the catalyst for the evolution of this personal skill of hers.  I found it fascinating to listen to her talk about this.  I also appreciated hearing about this way of operating her life.  Personally for me, there have been times when I do the ‘talk to myself…’routine.  I’m excited to hear about this way of thinking and reacting or not reacting.

Learning a better way to respond (or not respond) in this type of situation has been helpful for me.  What about you?  What do you do in these situations?



The Viet Nam Wall… Recently I came across this and decided to post it here.  It’s good information for all of us, but especially for those to whom this is most relevant.

Washington DC By clicking here you will be able to access information on a state by state basis and then city by city.  You can find extensive information about each individual.

Technology is a wonderful thing and what a great way to remember those who fought in Viet Nam.

Life and Stuff

Recently I’ve been thinking about some stuff.  You know, just life stuff.  Like things that happen that can throw us off a bit.

How do you handle those times.  Times when you have been going along (minding your own business… love that old expression) and then ZAP!  Out of the blue, it seems, things take a 180 degree turn.

Yikes!  What’s that about?

Isn’t it amazing how that happens!  Why does it happen?  Well, who knows?  As the business philosopher Jim Rohn would say…  ‘Don’t take that class!’

More importantly, is how do you handle those times?  What can you draw on within that allows you to get through it?  Wouldn’t you agree that we all need something, some way to deal with those times?

For me, I believe we are served best by reading good material that can give us insight on life and aspects of it.  How to deal with the negative things that come up.  How to get through it and beyond it.  We need to understand that there is an ebb and flow of life…  Good times and bad.  Remember that it will turn around and get better.

Recently I read a post from a Facebook ‘friend’ and he mentioned an analogy of the bad road conditions in some part of the Detroit area he had driven through earlier that day.  He said that if you don’t go through the bad conditions you won’t appreciate the good ones.  Pretty profound!  Great analogy!  Thanks Terry Bean.

What about you?  Have you been through any bad conditions lately?  Maybe during those times, remember the good conditions and appreciate them when they return.

Hmmm!!!  Any power outages lately?  How long after you were restored did your gratitude last for having it back?

Andy Griffith Remembered

Remember Andy Griffith?  The actor and the show of the same name?  Of course by now you have heard that actor Andy Griffith passed away July 3rd apparently of a heart attack.  He was 86 years old.

When I first heard the news, I immediately thought of him in The Andy Griffith Show with Ron Howard, Don Knotts and the other various interesting characters.  As I was reading about it, I realize that I was actually a teenager when it was aired.  I know I didn’t watch it every week, but enough to get what was going on.  It was just so iconic!

I remember Ron Howard growing up on the show and I remember acquiring a liking for the character of Don Knotts, after a season or two.

Here is a video, one of many to be found online about Andy Griffith and the show that was a ‘one of a kind’.  We probably didn’t fully appreciate it at the time for the pureness of the characters and story-line.  Actually at the time as a teenager, I believe I found it a bit corny!

Andy Griffith also starred in Matlock for a while in the 80’s and into the 90’s, but for me, I’ll always remember him as the Sheriff of Mayberry.  What about you?  Were you a fan of Andy Griffith?

What zone?

What zone is the ‘comfort zone’?  This expression is used constantly.  So what is it?  Where is it?

Is what you do on a daily basis within your comfort zone?  Most of us work there and exist there, since it is comfortable there!  We live in our comfort zone most of the time.

But what about times you try to stretch yourself either in business or personally?  What new ventures have you attempted that you were unsure of?  Were you out of your comfort zone?  How did that feel?  How long did it take  you to jump back to the comfort of the comfort zone?

For most of us, we probably don’t go around thinking about being in a comfort zone or trying new things to get out of there.  However, perhaps when an opportunity presents itself, it is obvious that you have taken that leap to push yourself to move beyond the comfort zone.

Recently, a situation presented itself for me to stretch and move beyond my comfort zone.  As I reflected on it after the fact, it occurred to me that I could have thought of this activity as something that would be on someone’s bucket list.  This was not on mine.  Actually, I have not created a bucket list.

This activity was clearly something that pushed me beyond my comfort zone.   After I had successfully navigated my way through it I felt great.  I was pleased that I had made the decision to do it.

Perhaps, if you have read this far, you may be wondering what exactly I did…  For someone who is out of her comfort zone in the very deep water of a huge lake, I accepted to be on the tube that was being pulled behind the boat (aka tubing).  O.K.  Here is the rest of the story… The other person who rode with me (Jim’s son-in-law), assured that he was certified as a lifeguard (at some point in his life) and of course we were wearing vests!  Oh, also this was a pontoon, not a speed boat like we had the next day…  I opted out of that gig!

How about you?  What have you done out of your comfort zone?