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Have You Heard Of Presto Yet?

The following information is taken from the page in the Presto website that describes exactly what this is.  Check out this interesting site to learn what you can use for your loved ones who don’t have or use computers and the Internet.

What an amazing concept.  Who can you think of anyone you know who may want to know about this?


Email People Who Don’t Use Computers!


  • Allows you to send email to people who don’t use a computer
  • Combination of the Presto Printing Mailbox and Presto Mail service
  • Transforms emailed messages into beautiful, easy-to-read e-letters with photos and attachments automatically printed
  • Nothing new for your loved one to learn — messages and photos are automatically printed

What is Presto

Presto is a combination of the Presto Printing Mailbox and Presto Mail service. It allows you to use the convenience of email to communicate with loved ones who don’t use a computer or the Internet.

How it works

  1. Send email, photos and other documents to a Presto-provided email address
  2. The Presto Mail service transforms emailed messages and photos into printable, full color e-letters
  3. The Presto Printing Mailbox automatically retrieves messages via the phone line and prints them out

Before and after

Presto transforms your standard email into a beautiful, easy-to-read e-letter.

Easy to use

This is the one electronics product your loved one will actually use, because they don’t actually need to “use” it. They simply pick up the printed messages from the tray, read and enjoy! No checking a computer for messages or struggling with email attachments. It’s all done for them, automatically. There is nothing they need to do or learn.

©2012 Presto Services Inc.


Let me know if you know of anyone who is already using this.  I find the concept fascinating!  How about you?

Facebook IPO…

On January 31, 2012 this video interview by Varney & Co. on Fox Business with Jon Rettinger of, appeared.  Facebook was getting ready to announce its IPO (Initial Public Offering)…  aka… (also known as)We will now be able to own stock in Facebook.  Any takers?

Well, that was then and this is now…  On May 7th Mark Zuckerberg started his roadshow to sell the idea and obviously drive up the price of the IPO.  He’s an interesting and brilliant young man.  Can we believe he’s only 27 years old?  Here’s the article about the start of his appearances around the country to drum up business, so to speak.

So what were you doing at the age of 27?  Personally, I remember still figuring out who I was and what I wanted out of life.  How about you?

New iPad vs. iPad 2

O.K.  I’m sure you’ve all been wondering how the new iPad compares to the iPad 2…  Well, even if you have not, here is a short video with some of the differences…

And by the way, this video indicates the name as the new iPad 3.  I have checked the Apple site and it is referred to as simply the new iPad.

If you have the new iPad, let us hear from you about it.  Actually 300 of these magnificent machines were given away by our company this past weekend at our convention.  I was not one of the fortunate recipients.  I still have my iPad, you know the original one that is now outdated.

Be that as it may, I love my iPad.  At some point I’m sure I will get a newer version, but for now, I don’t feel the need.  However, if someone were to give one to me…  I’d gladly accept it!

What I find really fascinating is how Apple, one of my favorite technology providers, does such a superb job of quickly creating a market of outdated products.  Oh, wait.  I guess that’s just good marketing!  What are your thoughts on this?

Connected, But Alone

Sherry Turkle gives an intriguing talk on the stage of a TED conference in February of 2012.  Connected, But Alone caught my attention and I wanted to post it here.

This is just under twenty minutes long and so much longer than anything I have ever posted.  You may choose to view it all or in part, but perhaps you will be as intrigued as I was when I started viewing it.  I just couldn’t stop watching and getting her message.  So very interesting.

How do you feel about what she has said?  How are your children and grandchildren using their technology?  Can you relate to these concepts?

Personally I believe she is right on!  Let us know what you think.

Steve Jobs On Privacy Online

This is a short clip of some sort of interview with many of the technical genius minds that created lots of the tech tools we use every day.  This was filmed about a year ago.

Steve Jobs talks about the individual’s right to know how their information is being used.  They can agree or not, but he felt they should be informed.

What an incredible mind he had.  Too bad we lost him so young.

Microsoft Future Technology of 2012

This video was uploaded May 24, 2010.  Fascinating to see what Microsoft envisioned for this year.

How many of these things can you identify as being here now?  How many others do you suppose are just down the road from having the finishing touches added for launch?

These are amazing concepts.  I can’t even fathom people conceiving of some of this stuff.  Actually, I was having trouble just getting a business card to scan and have the image the way I wanted it to look…  You know, not upside down and able to manipulate it to fit a particular page!

Ford Sync

Are you familiar with a piece of technology called Sync, which can be found in the Ford line of vehicles?  Created by Microsoft a few years back, it’s really quite interesting and useful.  And most important, is a great safety feature.

You might want to check this out.  I’ve had this in my vehicle for more than two years and am looking forward to getting another vehicle with the updated technology, which keeps getting better and better.

Friends Reunited

Friends Reunited is a social media site based in the UK.  It had been started twelve years ago by husband and wife Steve and Julie Pankhurst.  In 2003 at the height of its popularity the site had 20 million subscribers.  You can read this article to get all the information about its history.

You’ve probably already started to connect the dots about what caused its demise…  Yup!  Facebook!

Well, this social media site has been revived.  Perhaps we will be hearing more about it here in the states soon.

If you are a big FaceBook user, would you consider using such a site as a replacement?  Actually, I guess all of your friends and family would have to as well…  Hmmm!

Let me know what you think!


iPad 3…Of Course!

Well, quite a bit has happened since I saw the video at the bottom of this blog.  Like the announcement of the official launch of iPad 3 in a few days.

So, I couldn’t resist, but to go back online and find something more specific about iPad 3 and it’s launch.  What could be more specific than the Apple engineers and designers talking about the features and benefits…  Enjoy!

O.K….  So the information below is what I found about a week ago and set it up to go out today.  It’s still worth a look, as it is a pretty unique concept.  Actually, nothing in the video above mentions anything like this, so I’m not sure if this technology is on the iPad 3 or will be on later versions.


Recently I bumped into this video by AatmaStudio about iPad 3 Concept Features.  Wanted to pass it along.  What will they come up with next!

Personally, I find all of this very exciting.  Like what else is out there to be developed?  We just never know, do we?  Isn’t it great?!

What are your thoughts on all of this?  Will you be looking into getting an iPad 3?  Or perhaps an iPad 2 at very attractive pricing?  Let us know.