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Curious About Mars?

Curiosity has landed on Mars.  I’m sure by now you’ve heard the news.

Fascinating times, when now we can learn what Mars is really like and if it can sustain life.  Stay tuned…

This is a short ABC News video and story from August 6, 2012 about the landing the the spacecraft named Curiosity.

Wednesday is the day we talk about the Internet, social media and technology.  I think it is because of advances scientists and others have made in these areas, that this could happen.

Let us know what your thoughts are about it.

The Olympics and Social Media

Twitter has caused a bit of a stir with the International Olympics Committee.  A few athletes have been sent home for tweeting some things that the IOC deemed politically incorrect.  Really politically incorrect.

Here’s a report about this.  This is by CBS News and there is a 30 second commercial.  You know, the kind of thing that allows us to view this content for free.

What a fascinating world we live in.  Four years ago, even two years ago, I’m not sure how much of a role Twitter played in people’s lives in general, but certainly the Olympics were not affected as they are this year.

What are your thoughts on athletes being eliminated because of expressing their inner most thoughts via 140 characters?

Socialnomics… Updated

I’ve posted numerous Socialnomics videos by Eric Qualman.  This has a date of late 2011, but is titled, Social Media Revolution 2012.  I like to credit people whose information I post.  Looks like the company behind this is

The numbers are numbing.  If you find it interesting you might want to replay it to absorb the magnitude of a role that social media plays in our lives.

What are your thoughts about all of this?  How do you participate in social media and would you consider this a social media revolution going on?

Do You Tweet?

Twitter is a part of social media I’ve not embraced.  How about you?  Do you tweet?

Recently, while checking to find something relevant for our social media Wednesday, I found this interesting article.  Perhaps you will find it interesting as well.

Twitter is something I’ve looked at as a minute-to-minute thing that would absorb huge amounts of time.  Twitter seems to me to be something you have to pay attention to all the time.  But then again, perhaps I’m missing something.  Don’t you always have to pay attention to Twitter when you follow someone, so you see what they’re saying?  Again, I think I just don’t get it.

However, large companies are taking Twitter quite seriously.  They need to stay on top of what’s going on out there in social media world, because some of these people are their customers.  And this is hugely important to them.

According to the article I referenced above, the author is praising American Airlines for really getting customer service through its Twitter force.  You may be aware that large companies have been employing people to interact on social media.

Well, apparently those at American Airlines are really good at it.  They have taken the concept of communication with customers to conversation.  Wow, for a large corporation to get praise from a really happy customer, who has experienced this first hand–the author of the article referenced above, who is an experienced business traveler–they must be doing something right.

I am feeling inspired to take another look at Twitter.  Maybe if it’s just on a corporate level.  I have heard for a while that most companies have people working in social media to interact with customers.

How about you?  What is your experience with Twitter?



Social Media and ‘Us’

Recently I came across an article written a few weeks ago that gives the astounding facts about the numbers of ‘seniors’ accessing and using the Internet.  Ironically, as I have done here, the author of this article, first excuses himself from using the term ‘seniors’ to describe someone who has achieve a certain number of years on earth.  He indicates this term should be reserved for people in their last year of high school or college.

Here is the article if you wish to read it.

As you peruse this succinct article, you will notice it is geared to businesses with something to market to people.  It’s essentially telling them to take a close look at this prime audience of customers online.  Have you ever felt like a marketing target?

Hmmm!  Interesting!

Are you on the social media sites?  Are you on Facebook? Twitter?  Anything else?  Let us know how you use social media.

Internet For Information

How do you use the Internet?  Are you online often and using it for lots of different things?  Are you only using it for email and Facebook?

Or are you using it for research?  You know, you hear about something, anything, and you are online immediately to learn about it.

This is a story of people who are using it for more serious research.

Personally, I’ve known people who are using the Internet to learn as much as can be learned about advances for a debilitating disease he’s been dealing with for many years.

Who have you heard about who is using this magnificent tool?  Any success?  Results?

Prepaid iPhone?

Many people in our demographic have a cell phone.  I would say most of us do.  However, perhaps some of you have been resisting because you don’t like the idea of the ‘infamous’ contract terms required.

Well, now you can have a great phone, the Apple iPhone 4S and avoid a contract.  Are you waiting for the catch…  The cost of the phone is perhaps more than you would pay if you go the traditional route and accept a contract with the wireless carrier.  Check out this story for information.

This story is actually the press release from Cricket Wireless and gives exact details on the offer.

I thought I’d put this out for anyone who would be interested in knowing this information.  Let me know if it is helpful.  Also, if you know of someone who may be interested, pass this on.

The Blue Box Story

Recently I came across a number of videos involving the late Steve Jobs.  The Santa Clara Valley Historical Association (SCVHA) has put together some incredible videos.  The video below is an interview of Jobs describing the ‘blue box story’.

It’s fascinating and wonderful that so much video footage was captured of this genius of a man.  And really quite something to hear Steve Jobs retell these things, just like he was sitting across from us talking.  These were the roots of Apple.

I thought this would be of interest to many of you and especially since Wednesday is the day we talk tech.

Did You Participate?

Friday May 18, 2012 was the IPO for Facebook Stock on the NASDAQ.  Did you participate?

Well, who knew what would happen!  I am not going to say I gave much thought one way or the other.  But wow!  I am a bit surprised about what did happened.

Here is a link to a story about it.  Within this story are other links to more stories.  Actually if you choose to Google it, there are lots of stories.

It’s interesting to see this happen after seeing the Movie, Social Media, out a few years ago.  This was about Zuckerberg and the beginning of Facebook and if we are to believe the story line, Zuckerberg resisted for many years the thought of doing this.  He didn’t want ads and he didn’t want the IPO.

Who knows what changed his mind.  I’m sure it was a series of business decisions based on the advice of his ‘people’ and obviously, what he wanted now as well.

Oh, and by the way, Mark Zuckerberg and his longtime girlfriend, Pricilla Chan were married the next day, Saturday May 19th.  And that’s not all… Pricilla Chan graduated from UC San Francisco Medical School on Monday May 14th.  Now that’s a busy week!

It will be interesting to observe what happens next…  and down the road.

Any prognosticators?  I certainly will not take a stab at that one.

So, did you participate?  Are you in for the long haul?