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Having success after sixty.

Return To Sender

We all know that the expression ‘return to sender’ is used when a letter cannot be delivered to the intended recipient.  Here is a short video about a letter that was never delivered and finally returned to sender.

What a great love story.  After sixty years, Dick Hauck’s proposal letter was read by him and finally delivered to his now wife of 60 years.

Anyone who has been together for sixty years is definitely a success after sixty.  That is what we honor on Tuesdays.

Anna Mary

As I was looking online for inspiration for this post in the category of success after sixty, I came across a website with which I was unfamiliar.

This interesting story caught my eye and thought you may enjoy it as well.

The story is about the life of Anna Mary Robertson Moses, aka Grandma Moses.  Wow, what a great role model she is and can be to all who aspire to keep going and living and producing to the extent we can.

If I hadn’t started painting, I would have raised chickens. –  Grandma Moses

Life is what we make it, always has been, always will be. –  Grandma Moses

This story was written by the author of the website, Rob, Today Has Power.

His final comments on this post are:

Live it, and live it LOUD!

Remember, you are the only you, you have.

Let us know how you feel about this and what you are doing now that might be similar to this story.


Last Dance

Last Dance was one of the songs that made Donna Summer a legend of our times.  Recently she passed away at the age of 63.

This is her singing Last Dance in the late 70s.


This article gives details about her life.

None of us really know what celebrities are like on a personal level, unless they are a family member or close friend.  When I read this story of the life of Donna Summer, it seems like she was a regular person.  She didn’t let her early fame taint her life and get her off balance.

I believe none of us will ever know how fast fame and stardom would affect us personally.  How could we know that we wouldn’t be swept up into the rush of it all.  But I know this, it’s great to read of someone who kept her calm and remained authentic to herself and what she valued.  By the way, that’s the essence of personal development!

Donna Summer had become successful well before she was anywhere near sixty years old, and she had been enjoying what appears to have been a ‘regular’ life, being a grandmother and taking time to enjoy painting, which she had taken up a number of years ago.

Donna Summer was certainly successful after sixty.  It’s too bad she lost her life so young.  Our condolences to her family.


Fitness After Sixty

Tuesday is the day we write about Success After Sixty.  There are many kinds of success, which we’ve mentioned before.  Today let’s talk about success in fitness after sixty.

Recently I found this site, with an article you may find interesting.  In this article is a ‘Functional Fitness Test‘ that gives specific things to do and how to do them.  It seems to be a great guide if you are just getting started.

O.K.  Not everyone relates to fitness, exercise or taking the time to workout.  However, let’s face it…  It’s time to get over IT!  You know, just do it!

Having gone to our local YMCA over the past year, I’ve seen lots of people like us there, putting their time into themselves, physically getting into or staying in shape.

This month I’m working with a personal trainer two days a week at another facility in our town and it is amazing how many people (like me) are there.  The purpose of my training is to establish a routine to cover the parts of working out that I don’t get from the treadmill…  Like core, upper body strength, balancing.

I’ve been walking outside for years and for the past five years mainly in our lower level on the treadmill an average of five days a week.  When I ramped up to 45 minutes last year, I was doing about 2.5 miles.  Recently I’ve figured out that I can go faster and cover the same distance in less time.

How is your fitness success?  What are you doing to stay or get in shape?  We’d really like to hear from you.

By the way, remember the movie (I think it was, What About Bob?)  Remember, “Baby steps…  Baby steps…”  If you haven’t worked out, it’s always the right time to start.  Little bit by little bit.

Betty White…Still A Hit

Betty White is still a hit and recently I came across her new show on NBC.  Off Their Rockers is an interesting and somewhat humorous take on Candid Camera.  This show has a number of seniors, (actors) who pull pranks on younger people.

Have you seen this show yet.  I believe it’s on at 8:00PM E.T. Wednesday evenings.  What is your take on this?

Too slapstick, goofy, absurd?  Or just plain funny?

Do You Know Of Dr. Tom Hill?

This is one of the most interesting people I know of.  I believe he would be a fun person to have a conversation with and certainly, I would like to do that some day.

Right now, if you haven’t already been aware of him or seen a few of the posts I’ve written about him, here is one I wrote a couple years ago.


At a recent event someone mentioned the name of a man whose book I had read last fall.   Dr. Tom Hill, along with personal friends of mine– John and Elizabeth Gardner, wrote Living at the Summit.  It’s an intriguing book and worth the read.  It’s written like a suspense novel with personal development concepts thrown in.

When I bought the book in the fall, I didn’t know anything about Dr. Tom Hill.  Since then I have learned that he is quite accomplished as a business coach and is a real linchpin today to many entrepreneurs.  The piece I find intriguing about him is that he’s had numerous careers and is well into his 70’s.

To me this is exciting and gives me more reason to move forward with Sixty Something Now.  There are lots of people who are extremely productive after the age of sixty and that is the purpose and mission of this website and blog.  If we know there are others out there doing great work and making a difference, perhaps that will motivate us to continue with our idea.

You can visit his website by clicking:  Dr. Tom Hill

Who do know over the age of sixty who is a linchpin?


I don’t know about you, but I get excited when I learn about someone like Dr. Tom Hill, who is so vital well into his 70’s.

What do you think?

Mike Wallace, News Legend

It’s hard to believe Mike Wallace was 93 when he passed away earlier this month.  Wow!  Talk about a success after sixty.  I can’t believe a time when he wasn’t delivering some type of news story on the television.

Here is a short video about CBS News Legend Mike Wallace:

His last 60 Minutes interview was in 2008.  Hard to believe it’s been that long.  And how old was he?  Great role model to have still enjoyed what he did for so many years.

Success: Richard St. John (TED)

Richard St. John interviewed over 500 people in seven years to learn what creates success.  In this remarkable TED talk, he boils it down to just over 3 minutes.  Now that’s amazing!

Recently I came across this video by Richard St. John, when I was searching for a success-related topic/person to highlight.  I believe I have used it in the past and decided to use it again, because of it’s simplicity.  By way of disclosure, there is one off-color word towards the end of his presentation that I wish were not used.  I feel the rest of the content is worth sharing, so please excuse…

TED conferences have been ongoing for many years, although I’ve only become aware of them since around 2009.  This video is from a conference in 2005.

Why do you think people succeed?  And how would you define success?  Let us hear from you.

Success After Age 60

Tuesday is Success After Sixty day.

Question relative to this:

What do the following people have in common?  Ronald Regan, Sam Snead, Gandhi, William Jennings Bryan, Benjamin Franklin, Frank McCourt, Leonardo da Vinci, Leo Tolstoy, Michaelangelo, Winston Churchill…

Answer:  Each one of these people was a success after the age of 60.  Some became a success after sixty, and some continued to be successful beyond the age of sixty.

I came across this page called:  Google Answers.  Check this out for some interesting information about the people listed above.

This came about because a guy was looking for people to write about their success after the age of 60, so he could put something together to celebrate his father’s 60th birthday.

What I find interesting about this is that I don’t believe I was aware of something called:  Google Answers.  What about you?  Did you know about Google Answers?

Interesting Concept

Recently this website and concept came across my radar and I decided to repost my posts from a couple years ago.

What I have learned is that there is a site called and part of it is the ‘Pass It On’ billboards we’ve all seen on the highways.


Some readers may remember this from early March. For those who missed it I thought it was worth re-posting.

Recently I came across this video and thought it was worth sharing. I’ve seen this father and son on bill boards around our area and wondered who they were. Now I know. Maybe some of you already knew. Quite amazing! This dad is in fantastic shape because of his dedication. What a success after sixty both as a father and a person!

Who do you know who has had success in unique ways?  What is your definition of success?


Have you checked out this site?  Pretty amazing!