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Having fun after sixty.

What’s That???

LegalShield, that’s what!!!

So often in the past I have posted videos of commercials because I think they’re cute.

Here I am posting videos of LegalShield commercials, the company I represent, because I think they could help someone… Well, lots of people.

Most people don’t know about this company/service yet.  Here are the first three commercials set to launch in a month or so on national television.  Soon everyone will be aware of something that can help with lots of the stuff we all deal with.

Take a look.


Scrap Book…

Pizza Guy…

Questions?  Comments?  Let me know.


This was posted before, but I recently came across it and again laughed at the absurdity of this.

Check it out.  It will give you a good laugh.


Recently I saw this on the InSights Group blog.  I laughed out loud and thought I’d share it.  I’ve listed the information below.  Enjoy!

Vendor-Client Relationships

Every relationship has a story. “The Vendor Client Relationship” is a story that connected with more than half a million viewers in less than 14 days. When a story goes viral, it is finding a truth, touching a nerve or making people laugh. That’s what we do. It’s come as a surprise to many that this very viral video was created in Indianapolis, Indiana. It was. And that’s another story.

Tell us your story

Do you have a vendor client story? Or do you have a film or video project you would like us to help you tell? We’d like to be your vendor.

Do You Know About This?

Thanks to my nephew Kevin for posting this on his FaceBook wall.  I checked it out because there were numerous comments about how funny this is.  Do you agree?

Dyngus Day.  Do you know about this?  Here is Anderson Cooper and his Rediculist reporting on Dyngus Day.  By the way, no controversy here, just a good belly-laugh.

Let us know if you were aware of this.  And if you weren’t, you are now!


This video is titled, ‘The Biggest Myth in Golf’.  Now that’s a statement!

When I viewed this I could hear so many ‘helpful Hannahs’ telling me to ‘keep your head down’.  Well watch this if you’ve ever heard that and you will be surprised to learn that this is just not true.

I’m sure all those people who ever told me that, seriously thought this would cure my slice or my just plain ugly shot!

It seems logical based on the videos of the head and body position of the pros during and after their shots, that we need to take on a different belief.  That is if we want to improve our shots!

What are your thoughts and observations about this?


More On The Masters

If you are seeing this on Sunday April 8, 2012, you can see the Leader Board live.   You can click for video highlights of the various holes played by each player, as well as live telecast.

Have you ever wished you could be at the Masters Tournament?  Last year I read about the lottery to get tickets.  I went through the process, and didn’t succeed in getting picked to purchase tickets.

There is a process to it and from their website this year, it seems that I will be getting an email after May 1st about going through the lottery process again.  This is because I put my name into the lottery for this year’s Masters’ event.

Here is the link for information about the Masters lottery (for tickets) if you are interested.

Let us know if you have ever gone to a Masters Tournament.  We’d love to hear about it ‘up close and personal’.

The Crow’s Nest At Augusta National

Have you ever heard of the Crow’s Nest at the clubhouse at Augusta National Golf Club?  Well, it’s filled with tradition just as everything about the Master’s is.

This is an interesting article written earlier this year about it.  You may find it interesting.  Below is the first part of the article.

By John Boyette Sports Editor

The Crow’s Nest

 No one will ever confuse it with a luxury hotel, but for the amateurs who stay here during Masters Week, the experience is priceless. As one of the longest-running traditions at the tournament, the five amateurs who make the field can sleep at the top of the clubhouse and enjoy the close proximity to golf history because the 30-by-40-foot room sits above the Champions Locker Room and the library. Jack Nicklaus, Ben Crenshaw and Tiger Woods are among the players who stayed in the Crow’s Nest as amateurs and went on to win the Masters.

Partitions divide the room into four cubicles. Three have space for a single bed and one has two beds. One full bathroom and an extra sink round out the accommodations.

The spartan furnishings include a game table, sofa and chairs, and a television.

The room is named for its 11-foot-square cupola. The cupola provides views in any direction and can be reached only by ladder. Pictures of famous amateurs who have played in the Masters, including Jones, Arnold Palmer and Billy Joe Patton, line the walls. No amateur has ever won the Masters, but you can bet that plenty have dreamed of glory while sleeping in the Crow’s Nest.

Golf Anyone?

While checking out YouTube for golf themes, I came across this video.  Wow!  How fun that must have been for the people shopping that day in the PGA store in Scottsdale.

TaylorMade Golf, with the help of 2012 Sony Open Champion Johnson Wagner and PGA Star Pat Perez, surprised customers at the PGA TOUR Superstore in Scottsdale on 2.3.12 – the day TaylorMade 2012 products hit retail. Fans were challenged to test their “RocketBallz Factor” to find how much distance they gained with an RBZ 3-wood over last year’s model. Customers also participated in an R11S long drive contest and more.

Wonder if they’ll come to Michigan for this gig?

What driver do you prefer?  Would the results apparently illustrated here get you to buy this club?

Why Videos Go Viral…

Have you ever wondered why certain videos go viral and not others?  Recently I saw this on the InSights blog by Sandi Maki, and thought it was an interesting piece to share.

By the way, I’ve mentioned TED Conferences previously on this blog.  Check out their website for more information about that.

Kevin Allocca is You Tube’s trends manager and gives these four reasons why video goes viral.