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Having fun after sixty.

Who Is This Guy?

Today I came across a video that put a smile on my face and thought it would be a great way to start the weekend for everyone.

Not sure who this guy is, but this is clever and entertaining.  Enjoy!

Miniature Wunderland

Are you aware of Miniature Wunderland in Hamburg, Germany?  This five minute video may fascinate you, as it did me.  It’s hard to comprehend all the work it took to create the world’s largest miniature railroad system.  Actually, more like a miniature world!  Five hundred thousand (500,000) working hours to create this amazing sight.

By the way, thanks to Tom Hill and his Friday Eaglezine that I receive each week, I thought this was worth the share.

If you are traveling to Germany, a visit here might be fun.

London 2012 Summer Olympics

Yes, the London 2012 Summer Olympics!  It’s finally here.  Did you view the Opening Ceremonies?  Is this something you watch every four years?

What part of the Olympics do you enjoy the most?  Some people have a particular sport that they just can’t miss.  If that is you, here is the official site with all the facts.

There is so much you can find online about The London 2012 Summer Olypmics.  Here is the NBC site for everything you need to know about their viewing schedule for us here in the states.

Personally, we occasionally watch an event and usually more of a ‘let’s see what’s on’ kind of happen to catch an event.

Let us know about your preferences about the Olympics events.  Are you a spectator at all?  Favorite events?

The Open 2012

If you’re a golfer, you know that The Open 2012 refers to what most Americans call The British Open, a golf classic.  This is played each year in July on one of about six courses in the UK.  This year it is being played in northwest England at the Royal Lytham and St. Annes Club.

Most of the courses that are used are public, but this is a private club.  However, it is right in the midst of a residential setting.  Some of the views of the golfers hitting their shots include the residential setting surrounding this course.

Here is the link if you would like to view The Open on ESPN through your computer.

This is an interesting event for so many reasons.  One of which is the prize trophy.  The Claret Jug.  Lots of history here.  This is passed around from winner to winner with each winner’s name engraved on it.  Wow!  How really special this is.

Will you or have you watched The Open?  Thoughts?  Would love to hear from you.

Ann Arbor Art Fairs

The Ann Arbor Art Fairs opened on Wednesday July 18th and are ending on Saturday July 21st at 6PM.  This article explains everything you would need to know to bring you into Ann Arbor, park either nearby or park and take a shuttle into town, and most of all, enjoy the fairs.

I believe Ann Arbor was one of the first towns in the country to hold an art fair.  When you read the article, you will learn that there are actually, now, four art fairs:  The Ann Arbor Street Art Fair (the original, 53 years);  State Street Art Fair (45 years); Ann Arbor Summer Art Fair (43 years); and Ann Arbor’s South University Art Fair (13 years).

We attended the Art Fair this year, the first year since I’ve lived in Ann Arbor.  We spent about three hours and hardly made a dent.  We were at the Fair on Main Street–The Ann Arbor Summer Art Fair.  It was beautiful weather, just about perfect, 80 degrees or so and no humidity!  We did our part to help the artists and make it worth their while to be here.

What a great, relaxing way to spend the afternoon.

If you are local in Michigan, do you attend the Ann Arbor Art Fair?  For all the years I lived in Oakland County, about 45 miles from Ann Arbor, I would attend every couple years.  It was always a fun thing to do with friends.  When I moved here, someone laughed about ‘it’s not for the locals’…  Well, it’s taken me a number of years to decide that attending the art fair is for everyone who wants to relax, do some great people-watching and have a great time!

No Longer On The Bench

Recently I came across this a thought it would be a great chuckle.

I’m not at all familiar with World Cup Soccer, but am aware that it has universal appeal.  Obviously Nike realizes it has a large audience too.

How about you?  Do you follow World Cup Soccer?  Do you recognize the name Christiano Rinaldo, whose jersey Albert tried on?

Pure Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids, Michigan is the subject of this Pure Michigan commercial.  Again, thought you might want to get an idea of what Grand Rapids has to offer.

Grand Rapids is truly an amazing city on the west side of the state.  It has been thriving and growing all the way through the past few years when the rest of Michigan seemed to be under water.

Quite a town!