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Loss of a Friend

At this point in our lives, we’ve all lost someone we called a friend.  Some have lost what might seem like more than their share.  Personally, I have not lost many friends.

Carolyn was our friend, business associate, and confidant.  We have known her for about eight or nine years.

After many years of numerous symptoms, many types of medications, and the past six months in the hospital and rehab, Carolyn had had enough.  She passed away Friday afternoon.

Sad for her loved ones to have had to experience this long downward spiral.  And those of us who looked from the ‘second tier’.  Difficult to have watched this demise and feel helpless to know how to fix it.

Yes we all will have our day–our last day.  But we don’t want to travel this path to it.

A time like this tends to make us reflective.  Reflective about the relationship we had with our friend.  Reflective about the life she lived as far as we knew.

A time like this tends to bring foremost in our mind, ‘What we are doing with our life’?  ‘How are we living our life?’ ‘Is it truly the way we want to live life?’

We have all heard it said that life is fragile; this is not a dress rehearsal, and all of the other phrases people use about this.  It’s at a time like this that we take this concept a little more seriously.

Jim Rohn, the admired business philosopher and personal development mentor, (who passed away a few years ago), would always muse, do everything, go everywhere, experience it all.   Those are actually my words and I was paraphrasing from the numerous recordings and videos I had heard him present.  Jim Rohn had a much more eloquent way of expressing a thought.  I could never come close, but I think you get the gist.

We will consciously live life more fully–do, go and experience more.  How about you?


Real Movies On YouTube…

According to this article and I’m sure many others, YouTube will imminently launch a movie-on-demand-service charging users to stream Hollywood movies off the world’s largest video sharing site.

This will give Apple iTunes a run for their money… Isn’t competition great!  The American way.

Interestingly, the article referenced above indicates that some of the large film companies are on board with the YouTube deal, while others are not.

The interesting part for me as I think of it, is that movies are a great form of entertainment, generally.  Actually though, think of all the revenues, like hundreds of millions generated in this industry so far.  And it just seems to get more creative.

It was about thiry years ago or so, when the big shake up in the entertainment industry was when someone wanted to put feature length films on video tape.  Remember the big to-do that was!

Anyway, should be interesting to see what happens and what it will mean to the general public, once YouTube gets into the on-demand movie business.

What do you think?  Do you even care?  What may it mean to you?

Sales and Sales People

Typically, when most people think of a sales person, it is probably in terms of an experience they have had with one, and usually not a good one.  That is if they are not in the field of sales.

Having been in sales for about twenty years or so, I have seen the method of making a sale evolve into something very palatable for both parties to the process.  Well, at least it should be that way.

Today, as a sales person, my job is first of all to bring value, then to educate about the value I have to offer, and then to bring you to a point of decision.  At no time, did you read anything about overcoming objections.  That’s because that was the old paradigm of the sales process.  When you bring a person to a point of decision, you are simply asking for a yes or a no.  If you are sensing that the person still needs information to make her decision, then you can provide the information.

The one thing every sales person knows, either consciously or unconsciously, is that the further from the sales person’s presentation the buyer gets, the less likely he will buy.  That is what can bring out the worst behavior in a sales person.  With that thought, the sales person must decide in the process whether the buyer is wanting to say no but can’t, or really needs more help with buying or not buying.  Again, the goal should be to bring the person to a point of a yes or no.

Having been on the buying end of the sales process, I can appreciate how annoying it is to tell a sales person a definite NO and have them think they need to throw out some of their persuasive techniques.  Although there are some people who still operate like that, most sales professionals do not.  Not only is acting as a sales professional a better way to do business, but I sometimes wonder if that other type of sales person appreciates having those tactics used on them.

Do you like to be sold?  Or do you like to be educated about something and then make a decision whether to buy?  Let me know your thoughts.

Happiness Now

Recently I read an article that started me thinking about what some people may be experiencing.  The article was written by Craig Nathanson, who calls himself The Vocational Coach, and it was about what happened to his father in the first few years after retiring from his banking position.

It appears that no one close to this man knew how depressed he was about not having his job to fulfill him any longer.  Out of the blue, Robert Nathanson ended his life.  Actually, when I read the succinct story, it was still a bit of a shock at the end.

But what I started thinking was about how many people, if they are retired from a job that they held for many years, or even a series of jobs, no longer feel fulfilled in their life.  This would be too bad and I haven’t really thought too much along those lines before.  Having been what I call a 1099 and not a W-2 for most of my recent and current working years, I can’t imagine what that would feel like.

Actually, here at Sixty Something Now, my concept is that today there are so many opportunities to start something new.  There is so much out there to help if someone wants to figure out what’s next.  For me, I am looking at taking this to another level, to allow people to learn about new opportunities and think about new possibilities of creating something wonderful for the next part of their life.

I’d love to hear from you about what you would like to see here and how we can communicate with you about it.  What do you want to make you happy?  How can you find happiness now?

WGN Tribute to Paul Harvey

One of my favorite things, if the timing presented itself, was to listen to the Paul Harvey 8:30AM five minute broadcast or the noon fifteen minute broadcast.  He sure had a way with our language and creating an intriguing story.

I thought you would find this interesting.  I can’t believe it’s already been a year that he’s been gone.

What did you like most about Paul Harvey, if you were a fan?

Have you ever gotten impatient with setting up something online?

Well, I just set up my new blog with WordPress and was getting a bit impatient with finding and identifying everything to allow me to set up my blog and get the framework finished quickly.  For some reason, it wasn’t as ‘intuitive’ as I thought it should be and pretty quickly contacted ‘support’ to let them know.

What do you know… Within a minute or two of contacting websupport and then going back to take another look at it, there it was… Everything I needed to get started.  It was really ‘square one’ that I couldn’t figure out, but after I found it by looking upper left instead of upper right, I found it and once I found the first piece, the rest followed…

So, has anyone else ever had that experience… one minute so frustrated and the next so calm, happy and feeling like such a jerk for not having seen this before!!!  Oh Well!  I worked on my site and then went back in and contacted support and let them know that I had figured it out!!!

Isn’t the Internet fun???!!!