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What Have You Learned Lately?

This is a great time to be alive.  Yes, with all that we have going on in this fast-paced world, would you agree with that?

There is so much information available to us about anything.  Google and other search engine sites can give us more information than we could possible read in a lifetime.  Don’t you just love it!

At times this can seem a bit overwhelming.  For me personally, I can get mesmerized checking out stuff online.  Facebook is one thing I don’t get into too often.  That being said, I check it every couple days.  I do have information through my email about various Friends’ posts, however.

How about you?  How do you like the availability of so much information about everything?  And what about Facebook?  How do you use it?

Recently I got a chuckle…  We were having breakfast at our local ‘Coney Island’ –(for those outside of Michigan that’s like a diner), and I overheard the server talking to a customer who must have been 80 years old.  He said something about being a bit under the weather lately.  She continued by asking him what was wrong and then I heard her ask if he had Internet?  I got distracted and didn’t catch the rest of this exchange, but it sounded like she was going to suggest that he Google his symptoms or illness…  An 80 year old, very frail-looking man!  Really!!!  I don’t think so!

Anyway, amusing how much information we all have access to.  That is if we know how to access it.

Wheat Belly

Wheat Belly, by William Davis, MD,  is the name of a book I am currently reading.

The information is rather startling.  You may have guessed by the title that this doctor’s theory is that it is the wheat in our diet that gives us belly fat, not some of the other culprits usually associated with this phenomenon.

This book is about 230 pages of text and then a number of pages containing recipes and some information for navigating through the grocery store.

You might imagine that within 230 pages, there’s more to say than just that ‘wheat contains gluten and this is something that causes belly fat’.  In fact there are some startling claims made by Dr. Davis and he backs up everyone of them with scientific information and studies.

The main concept that he covers early in the book is that our wheat has been grossly, genetically modified in the past 25 years.  Those processes are the root cause of many health problems in all demographics.

To get the reader’s attention, he starts by suggesting we think about pictures of our ancestors.  Any obese people?  Probably not.

Coincidentally, around the time that this new wheat was being grown, we were being told to ‘eat whole grains–bread, pasta;  eat less meat, less fat and concentrate on whole grains‘.  Remember when that started?

If you go online and find a list of foods and their glycemic index, you will see whole grain bread higher than some of the things that we’ve been told to stay away from.  Just know that a high glycemic index is not a good thing.

Astounding!  I’m not too far into this book, but wanted to share this information in case you aren’t aware of it and would like to get it as well.

What are your thoughts on this information?  Is this something that concerns you?

Knee Replacement?

Have you had a knee or both knees replaced?  Are you a candidate for this surgery?

Recently a good friend of ours had both of her knees replaced.  Yes both at the same time!  She’s now almost two weeks beyond the surgery and as she puts it, it’s all down hill from here.  She had a bout with the meds given to her during post op recovery that lasted a few days, but thankfully she has returned to her normal self and looking great.

Here is a very brief animated view of what they do to replace the knee.  Pretty basic look here…

It’s fascinating to me that all of these things can be done to us.  How wonderful that these things are available to extend the quality of our lives.

Personally, and thankfully, I am not a candidate for this.  Last year my husband had a hip replaced and we were really thankful for the amazing technology with that.  He’s doing so well and actually had a quick recovery time.  Perhaps his swimming five days a week starting six weeks after the surgery, helped him.

We are so fortunate to be alive at this time to be able to take advantage of great technology that can improve or allow us to continue a good quality of life.  The concept of living a long life is great, as long as the quality is there with it.

How about you…  Any replacement parts yet?  Let us hear from you and how it went.

Fitness After Sixty

Much has been written about fitness after sixty recently. This article from SparkPeople is especially good and personally I’ve printed it so I can absorb all the great information.

How much exercise do you get?  How much importance do you place on exercise?  This is probably an important question to consider.

If you read the information at the bottom of this article, it mentions the various benefits of considering an exercise regimen.

Sure, if you are not currently exercising, it may seem like an inconvenience.  It is not.  It could be the main component to your quality of life now and in the coming years.  I’ve heard it said that we should consider carving out time to exercise, like we (used to, perhaps) carve out time for work.  Yes, it is that serious.


What zone?

What zone is the ‘comfort zone’?  This expression is used constantly.  So what is it?  Where is it?

Is what you do on a daily basis within your comfort zone?  Most of us work there and exist there, since it is comfortable there!  We live in our comfort zone most of the time.

But what about times you try to stretch yourself either in business or personally?  What new ventures have you attempted that you were unsure of?  Were you out of your comfort zone?  How did that feel?  How long did it take  you to jump back to the comfort of the comfort zone?

For most of us, we probably don’t go around thinking about being in a comfort zone or trying new things to get out of there.  However, perhaps when an opportunity presents itself, it is obvious that you have taken that leap to push yourself to move beyond the comfort zone.

Recently, a situation presented itself for me to stretch and move beyond my comfort zone.  As I reflected on it after the fact, it occurred to me that I could have thought of this activity as something that would be on someone’s bucket list.  This was not on mine.  Actually, I have not created a bucket list.

This activity was clearly something that pushed me beyond my comfort zone.   After I had successfully navigated my way through it I felt great.  I was pleased that I had made the decision to do it.

Perhaps, if you have read this far, you may be wondering what exactly I did…  For someone who is out of her comfort zone in the very deep water of a huge lake, I accepted to be on the tube that was being pulled behind the boat (aka tubing).  O.K.  Here is the rest of the story… The other person who rode with me (Jim’s son-in-law), assured that he was certified as a lifeguard (at some point in his life) and of course we were wearing vests!  Oh, also this was a pontoon, not a speed boat like we had the next day…  I opted out of that gig!

How about you?  What have you done out of your comfort zone?


Last Dance

Last Dance was one of the songs that made Donna Summer a legend of our times.  Recently she passed away at the age of 63.

This is her singing Last Dance in the late 70s.


This article gives details about her life.

None of us really know what celebrities are like on a personal level, unless they are a family member or close friend.  When I read this story of the life of Donna Summer, it seems like she was a regular person.  She didn’t let her early fame taint her life and get her off balance.

I believe none of us will ever know how fast fame and stardom would affect us personally.  How could we know that we wouldn’t be swept up into the rush of it all.  But I know this, it’s great to read of someone who kept her calm and remained authentic to herself and what she valued.  By the way, that’s the essence of personal development!

Donna Summer had become successful well before she was anywhere near sixty years old, and she had been enjoying what appears to have been a ‘regular’ life, being a grandmother and taking time to enjoy painting, which she had taken up a number of years ago.

Donna Summer was certainly successful after sixty.  It’s too bad she lost her life so young.  Our condolences to her family.


Do You Journal?

Do you journal?  Have you even considered it if you are not currently doing it?

Recently I came across this blog for the first time.  You may find this site interesting.  While I was scrolling through various blog posts, I came across one that referred to The Ten Year Journal.

The concept of this journal is that you write five lines each day of the year and then repeat it every year for ten years.

The ‘official’ Ten Year Journal is available from Amazon.  I’ve provided the link to the current journal that starts with 2012 at $39.  It appears there are journals available that start in previous years and cost less.

Personally, I have not done this.  It is something I’ve considered.  I have dabbled in it every so often over the past fifteen years or so.

We’d love to hear from you and your thoughts about this.  Have you been doing this?  Have you considered it at all.  Will you now, with the knowledge that there is a journal that could make it somewhat easy?

Actually, I would think that if you had a journal all set up with specific dates and the few lines to fill in each day, it would be pretty simple to do.

Anyone going to take the plunge and commit to doing it?  I guess the main thought would have to be, ‘Just for today, I will write my five lines‘.  And before you know it, years will have passed!

Let us know.


Loving Life

This was written and posted by me a while back, and thought it was worth a re-post…


This blog and the Sixty Something Now site is about loving life.  Loving life now, over the age of sixty.

By the way, there’s a number of sites out there that appeal mostly to women over sixty, with pretty much the same message.  One of my favorites is Savoring Your Sixties.

Some friends have mentioned to me that much of what I write applies to a much broader audience.  On certain days of the week, I write about personal development, social media and the Internet, having fun on weekends, and success (mostly after sixty).  Monday is the day I reserve for enjoying life after 60 and sixty something now and beyond.

In my opinion, it is wonderful to be sixty something now.  I am, as I’m sure most of you are also, loving life as much now as ever.  We are free to act however we want to and love all the things our life has to offer.  We can continue to enjoy what it is that we always enjoyed doing because our vitality can allow us to do those things.

It’s so different now than it was for our parents’ generation.  There was an expectation then that over a certain age, pretty much around 40 or so, you had to change how you looked and acted.  I’ve mentioned here before, that my friend and I decided in our early 40’s that we didn’t have to buy into that.  Now twenty some years later, I’ve found that this way of thinking has served me well.

So, how are you loving life?  What are you doing that is so much fun and may be really different than anything your parents would have done at this age?

Some of us were fortunate enough to have had role models from the previous generation who showed how they loved life at every age and didn’t buy into feeling a need to grow old.

This website and blog were created to show how we can continue to love life and be young a long time.

Red Simmons Lived Until 102

Red Simmons is a local legend at the University of Michigan here in Ann Arbor.  He started the Women’s Track Club at the school in 1966 and then with Title IX passing, became the Varsity Coach of the Women’s Track Team.

Red Simmons passed away this month, after turning 102 in January.  And what a great quality of life he experienced.  This blog article by David Brandon, the Athletic Director at the University of Michigan, is a great tribute and tells of this amazing man.

He actually spent the first part of his working career, 25 years, as a Detroit Policeman.  He graduated from Eastern Michigan University (called Michigan Normal School when he attended) in nearby Ypsilanti.  He experienced seeing Jesse Owens breaking four world records at an event in Ann Arbor, which was probably a memory he would always cherish.

Below is from Brandon’s post:

Those who have met Red Simmons over the past 20 years probably would not know about his history. They would have known Red and his wife Lois as Michigan’s number one sports fans. They weren’t just U-M sports’ fans; they were fixtures at almost every one of our home events for almost every sport.

Then Lois suffered health issues and those challenges started to take a toll on Red. He was still driving his Chevrolet to the athletic campus early this year and working out or walking the steps at Crisler Center. And he was still eager to talk about U-M athletics and especially the student-athletes he coached and got to know. But you could see Red was slowing down. After all, he was a centenarian.

The reason I’m writing here about Red Simmons, even though most have no idea who this guy was and perhaps don’t really care…  The reason is because Monday is the day we write about what is great about being over 60… Enjoying life after sixty.

When my husband told me about Red Simmons and his great history in many areas of life, the one thing that struck me was the part about him working out or walking the steps of Crisler Center (University of Michigan’s Basketball arena) as recently as early this year!  Now that’s the best…  Live young a long time!  (That’s my husband’s mantra…)

Anti-Aging Stuff…

This was written almost one year ago, but thought it was worth the re-post here.


Monday is the day I write about aging, or as I say, enjoying life after sixty.

Most of the time in our culture, when someone is talking about getting older or presenting on a related topic, they phrase it, ‘anti-aging‘.

After having read, Younger Next Year For Women, by Lodge and Crowley, which I have referenced here a number of times, it gives me a chuckle when I hear the term, anti-aging.  Lodge and Crowley contend that we’re going to continue to look older each year, but we can always look good.  It’s the inside of our body that can be younger next year.

To get ideas for this blog, I just Googled, aging in 2011… One of the first items I saw was information about a big ‘Anti-Aging’ conference to be held in December of this year.  Apparently it will have many and numerous experts and authorities on the topic.

Does this not sound a bit silly?  If you have read the book by Lodge and Crowley, doesn’t it make more sense to just take a natural approach to aging and realize it will happen just by our being alive for more years.  That’s a good thing, right!

Lodge and Crowley advocate for being younger as we age by a rather simple formula

Strenuous exercise forty-five minutes a day, six days a week.  Strength and weight training two of those days.

Eat well, (we all know by now what’s good and what’s not or could get that information easily).

Stay connected and committed to others and something we can feel passionate about.

My feeling is that it’s not about hormone replacement, Botox or the litany of other complicated and invasive protocols being tested and touted.

What are your thoughts about anti-aging or aging?


I realize the conference I referenced has already taken place.  Perhaps you would want to Google it and see how it went.

What are your comments to all of this?