Monthly Archives: September 2014

Use The Good Towels

When I was young, I knew a woman in her 60’s who had a stack of brand new, beautiful colorful towels in her bathroom display shelves.  They were never used, that I know of.  The ones she used were a bit shabby and tattered.

Have you ever known anyone who was like that?  Someone who had nice things and didn’t use them.  Perhaps this is to keep them nice so someday they could be used for guests and they’d be in good condition.

At this point in our lives, should we not be using all the good stuff?  All the stuff we thought we should save for company.  What is the point?  Why not use what we have?  Everything!

We never know how long we get to live this life.  We have all heard the expression about living each day as if it is our last.  Well, who has done that?

Personally I have not.  Although as I think of that statement and recently it seems, hearing often about someone’s illness or death, I’m starting to rethink this concept.

So, perhaps using the good towels is a great way to start.  As we are using the good towels, perhaps this will trigger the thought to live each day with purpose; whatever that means to each of us.