Loss of a Friend

At this point in our lives, we’ve all lost someone we called a friend.  Some have lost what might seem like more than their share.  Personally, I have not lost many friends.

Carolyn was our friend, business associate, and confidant.  We have known her for about eight or nine years.

After many years of numerous symptoms, many types of medications, and the past six months in the hospital and rehab, Carolyn had had enough.  She passed away Friday afternoon.

Sad for her loved ones to have had to experience this long downward spiral.  And those of us who looked from the ‘second tier’.  Difficult to have watched this demise and feel helpless to know how to fix it.

Yes we all will have our day–our last day.  But we don’t want to travel this path to it.

A time like this tends to make us reflective.  Reflective about the relationship we had with our friend.  Reflective about the life she lived as far as we knew.

A time like this tends to bring foremost in our mind, ‘What we are doing with our life’?  ‘How are we living our life?’ ‘Is it truly the way we want to live life?’

We have all heard it said that life is fragile; this is not a dress rehearsal, and all of the other phrases people use about this.  It’s at a time like this that we take this concept a little more seriously.

Jim Rohn, the admired business philosopher and personal development mentor, (who passed away a few years ago), would always muse, do everything, go everywhere, experience it all.   Those are actually my words and I was paraphrasing from the numerous recordings and videos I had heard him present.  Jim Rohn had a much more eloquent way of expressing a thought.  I could never come close, but I think you get the gist.

We will consciously live life more fully–do, go and experience more.  How about you?


One thought on “Loss of a Friend

  1. Linda Franks

    I didn’t know the holidays could be so cruel. But they are brutal this year. Having to get ready for all the festivities barely six weeks after the death of my daughter has been unspeakably hard. I have a son but she was my only daughter. I will never again hear her laughter or see her smile. Never again will she give me that look of love that only she could give. And no more “just us girls” days. The pain is unbearable. And then ….the memories. Ohhhhh how much more can I take? I feel so deserted by my God. Where was He when her last breath of life left her body? Oh where was he when her heart beat its last flutter? And when I had to look at her lifeless body and tell her husband she was gone…..dead.

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