How Do You View Life?

How do you view life?  You know, the concept that we are given this one opportunity to create our earthly experience.

Are you optimistic about your life?  Do you feel that you have control, for the most part, over your life’s path?

A number of years ago, I sat through a 4 session course given by a PhD psychologist, about the power of our words for our life.  She explained that our self-talk and/or our outward verbalization/interpretation of things we experience, impacts our lives greatly.  Do we verbalize negativity about a situation we are experiencing?  Not a good thing!

We need to view life the way we want to experience it.  If our life is not perfect, how could we view it in more positive ways?  What can we do to create the life we want?

Have you ever thought in terms of creating your life the way you want it?  If you have not, consider this now.  We are in control of our life.  We can do whatever we decide to do.  And we can do it now!

This is the time.  This is not a dress rehearsal.  This is the gift we have been given.  How do you view your life?  If you are not happy, now is the time to change that.  Now!  Do it now!


One thought on “How Do You View Life?

  1. Yolanda

    I agree…if you’re not happy, now is the time to change it. Some people may wonder why did you wait till you’re 60, why not sooner? Perhaps, I am more concern of what other people may say or only till now I realized it’s no use of keeping the relation if all you hear were lies. It’s not easy to get over a marriage for over 21 years but I’ll rather do it now. Sad but hopefully, I did the right thing

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