Button Pushers

How do you deal with someone who pushes your buttons?  You know, can make you do a 180 on the great mood you may have been experiencing at any given time.  How do you react?  How do you respond?

Wouldn’t you agree that in our lives, we meet people of all types.  Some like/love us no matter what we do or say.  And some do not like us no matter what we do or say.  And some just know how to push our buttons and make us miserable!!!

So, I ask again…  How do you deal with that person, or those people?

Have you ever listened to someone describe in very emotional terms a blow-by-blow account of a situation that has made this person extremely emotional and somewhat distraught.  At a loss to know what to do to handle it, and therefore tells everyone they come into contact with.

Have you ever noticed that when you are listening to someone’s tale of woe that it may not have the same impact on you.  You may hear a recount of a long, involved story and as you are listening, you are dissecting it and realizing that you think it’s not quite as severe as the victim has indicated.

Is it not so bad because it’s not our challenge, personally.  Perhaps we should keep in mind that when we have something like this happen to us, we should take a step back and decide just how really awful it is…  Or maybe not awful at all!

Just a thought…  The more we talk about bad stuff, the longer the bad stuff lingers…  Hmmm!!!

So who can push your buttons?  And why do you let them?

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