Mind Over Food…

Have you heard the concept that what we think about comes about.  You know, we create our lives by our thoughts.

More and more information has become available by way of the Internet, new books on the topic, and numerous people who have studied these concepts.  They’ve imparted this information for everyone who may choose to listen or read about it, since its so out there for the taking.

Personally, I’ve encountered and learned lots of information about these concepts.  I’ve read books on these concepts, have watched videos online and basically have been aware of the connection between what we think about and what happens to us.  The information out there is verified by the many studies done on the brain.  Much new information has been discovered in the last few years.

If you have ever heard of quantum physics, that’s part of it.  Google that phrase to learn more about that.

All of that being said, recently I was speaking with a person who has delved into these concepts within the realm of her work with clients.  One of the things she helps her clients with is food and eating.

Interestingly, she believes that there is a connection between what we eat and what we are thinking about and believe, as we eat it… For instance, you eat a bowl of ice cream and you just know it will show up on the scale and in the fit of our clothes.  O.K., maybe not from just one bowl of ice cream, but how many food choices do we make in one day, a few days, a week?  And how are our thoughts about everything we eat?  Do we think and therefore it is?

I’m intrigued and I’ve committed to work with her.  I believe the concept intellectually and know I need to truly believe it deep down for it to be a reality for me.  I’ll keep you posted.

What about you?  Any thoughts on any of this?

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