Bland Or Bumps?

Doesn’t it seem like some days life is so easy.  Everything seems to work in your favor.  Your internal feelings are at equilibrium.  And you actually feel an inner joy with everything working out.  Ahhh…  Life is good all around.

Then there are the other days or moments, that you just wonder ‘What’s this about?’.  How can everything be so wrong?  And usually so unexpected.

Sometimes when things are not going so well for me, at least not how I think they should be going, I forget to remember that this is a good thing.  I would like to say I always remember, but I don’t.  It usually takes a bit of wound-licking.

Really, if we don’t have the bumps in the road, how can we appreciate when things are going smoothly?  Wouldn’t it be a bit boring if we lived in a bland world?

Actually, some combination of the two is pretty good for me, as long as I have more bland (aka–joy) in my life, than bumps.

So what about you?  Would you agree that your life is composed of bland and bumps?  We’d like to know.   Also how do you deal with the bumps?


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