Daily Archives: July 18, 2012

Do You Tweet?

Twitter is a part of social media I’ve not embraced.  How about you?  Do you tweet?

Recently, while checking to find something relevant for our social media Wednesday, I found this interesting article.  Perhaps you will find it interesting as well.

Twitter is something I’ve looked at as a minute-to-minute thing that would absorb huge amounts of time.  Twitter seems to me to be something you have to pay attention to all the time.  But then again, perhaps I’m missing something.  Don’t you always have to pay attention to Twitter when you follow someone, so you see what they’re saying?  Again, I think I just don’t get it.

However, large companies are taking Twitter quite seriously.  They need to stay on top of what’s going on out there in social media world, because some of these people are their customers.  And this is hugely important to them.

According to the article I referenced above, the author is praising American Airlines for really getting customer service through its Twitter force.  You may be aware that large companies have been employing people to interact on social media.

Well, apparently those at American Airlines are really good at it.  They have taken the concept of communication with customers to conversation.  Wow, for a large corporation to get praise from a really happy customer, who has experienced this first hand–the author of the article referenced above, who is an experienced business traveler–they must be doing something right.

I am feeling inspired to take another look at Twitter.  Maybe if it’s just on a corporate level.  I have heard for a while that most companies have people working in social media to interact with customers.

How about you?  What is your experience with Twitter?