Social Media and ‘Us’

Recently I came across an article written a few weeks ago that gives the astounding facts about the numbers of ‘seniors’ accessing and using the Internet.  Ironically, as I have done here, the author of this article, first excuses himself from using the term ‘seniors’ to describe someone who has achieve a certain number of years on earth.  He indicates this term should be reserved for people in their last year of high school or college.

Here is the article if you wish to read it.

As you peruse this succinct article, you will notice it is geared to businesses with something to market to people.  It’s essentially telling them to take a close look at this prime audience of customers online.  Have you ever felt like a marketing target?

Hmmm!  Interesting!

Are you on the social media sites?  Are you on Facebook? Twitter?  Anything else?  Let us know how you use social media.

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