Project: Forgive

Project:  Forgive, as you might have figured out, is about forgiveness.  On a huge scale.  Are  you aware of it?  Have you heard of it?

This was inspired by a tragic accident in 2005, in which a West Bloomfield, Michigan jeweler lost his wife and two sons due to a drunk driver.  How would you live after that?  How could you continue to go to sleep each night and wake up in the morning?

This video was released a few months ago by Shawne Duperon, a local Michigan business coach.  In an ironic twist she knew Gary Wienstein and his family and she also personally knew Tom Wellinger, the man who was driving drunk and killed them.  It is because of this, that she has created this video and movement.

This is about five minutes long, which is a bit longer than most videos I post, but this is something you may want to check out.  At the end, there is a request for anyone to send in their own story of forgiveness for the larger project Shawne is creating.  There is also a request for funds to be donated.  Know that I am not necessarily endorsing this project, only giving you information.  The request for donations is part of the video.

Perhaps you would like to read the Detroit Free Press article from a few months ago for the full story.

How do you feel about forgiveness?  Can you forgive someone who has wronged you in some way?  Back at the end of December I wrote a couple of posts about forgiveness, unrelated to this story.  I believe in it strongly.  That being said, I’ve never had to deal with it to this extent.

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