In the interest of informing our readers of things you may find interesting, recently I came across the website, sharecare, by Dr. Oz.  Perhaps you are already aware of it.

I was actually Googling something and when I saw this as one of the results, I checked it out.  A few months ago, I had heard it referenced and of course, who wouldn’t want to check out Dr. Oz’s website.

The thing I found most interesting is that the answers to your query are answered on his site by other experts from many different respected organizations.  For instance, the question I was checking on had answers from Dr. Oz (of course), someone from Johns Hopkins, someone from The American Red Cross, an expert from New York Presbyterian Hospital, and a number of others.

If you have read this blog for a while, you may be aware that I am so very thrilled to have all of this technology available to us.  How wonderful to have a reference to start to look for answers.  However, if you are a doctor, please don’t think I am encouraging people to go to the Internet for answers and not their doctor.  I am not.

However, the Internet is a wonderful place to start and become a bit educated.  Some say the Internet has information that has not been checked for accuracy.  I believe this is correct, but as with anything, do your homework.  Read lots of answers from a number of sources and then make a final decision as to what you will believe.  And then maybe a call to the doctor would be in order!

Let me know if the sharecare website is helpful.  Thanks.

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